The Chippewa Falls museum of Industry and Technology

In the days of Cray Research the idea of a Corporate museum was well supported and space was provided in various buildings to house significant computer artifacts. The corporate museum moved a few times when the space it occupied was needed for production purposes, but after the Silicon Graphics take over it was given to the town of Chippewa Falls along with an unused Cray Research building in the centre of town. The "Chippewa Falls museum of Industry and Technology" was then established by the town to showcase the industry that Chippewa Falls has been home to over the years. Companies like the Mason shoe factory and the Leinenkugels brewery are represented along with most of the artifacts from the Cray Corporate museum. Concentrating on the Cray Corporate part of the museum one finds a fascinating history of Seymour Cray's achievements. The museum contains several CDC (Control Data Corporation) systems that were designed by Seymour Cray.