List of electronic books

Let me know if you are interested in any of the following or can send me additions to the collection.

Fred Gannett July 2005

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IN-2153 19941027 Introducing NQE
RO-5000 19960319 UNICOS 9.0 Release Overview
RO-5000_10.0.pdf UNICOS 9.0 Release Overview

RO-5000_9.0.pdf UNICOS 9.0 Release Overview

SD-1012 19950828 Online Maintenance Tools Guide for Cray PVP Systems
SD-1021_10.0.pdf OLNET Online Diagnostic Network Communications Program Maintenance Manual for UNICOS¨

SG-2009 19950828 TCP/IP Network User's Guide

SG-2051 19950828 UNICOS Tape Subsystem User's Guide

SG-2052 19960319 Software Overview for Users

SG-2105 19950828 Network Queuing System (NQS) User's Guide

SG-2111 19950828 UNICOS Multilevel Security (MLS) Feature User's Guide

SG-2114 19950828 UNICOS Shared File System (SFS) Administrator's Guide

SG-2121 19950828 UNICOS Message System Programmer's Guide

SG-2141 19950828 UNICOS System Security Overview for Administrators
SG-2143 19940728 User's Guide to Online Information
SG-2144 19941027 FTA User and Administrator Manual
SG-2148 19941027 NQE User's Guide
SG-2150 19941027 NQE Administration Guide

SG-2156 19950828 UNICOS under UNICOS Administrator's Guide

SG-2178 3.0.1 CRAY T3E C AND C++ Optimization guide

SG-2169 19950828 ONC+ Technology for the UNICOS Operating Systems

SG-2193 19950828 Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Administrator's Guide

SG-2301 19950828 General UNICOS Administration

SG-2302 19960319 UNICOS Resource Administration

SG-2303 19950828 UNICOS Configuration Administrator's Guide

SG-2304 19950828 UNICOS Networking Facilities Administrator's Guide

SG-2305 19950828 NQS and NQE Administrator's Guide
SG-2306 19950828 Kerberos Administrator's Guide

SG-2307 19950828 UNICOS Tape Subsystem Administrator's Guide

SG-2308 19950828 UNICOS Station Call Processor (USCP) Administrator's Guide
SG-2409 19950828 Kerberos User's Guide

SG-2412 19950828 UNICOS Installation/Configuration Menu System User's Guide

SG-2210_10.pdf UNICOS¨ Basic Administration Guide for CRAY J90seTM GigaRing based Systems

SG-2416 19960319 UNICOS Basic Administration Guide for CRAY J90 and CRAY EL Series
SG-2416_10.pdf UNICOS Basic Administration Guide for CRAY J90TM Model V based Systems

SG-2510_2.2.pdf Cray Assembler for MPP (CAM) Reference Manual
SG-2518_3.0.pdf CRAY T3E Fortran Optimization guide

SG-3094 19940728 UNICOS Visual Interfaces User's Guide
SG-5271_10.0.pdf UNICOS¨ Installation Guide for CRAY J90TM Model V based Systems
SG-5296_10.0.pdf UNICOS¨ Installation Guide for CRAY J90seTM GigaRing based Systems
SG-5297_10.0.pdf UNICOS¨ Installation Guide for CRAY C90TM, CRAY T90TM, and CRAY T90 IEEE Model E based Systems
SG-5298_10.0.pdf UNICOS¨ Installation Guide for CRAY T90TM and CRAY T90TM IEEE GigaRing based Systems

SG-6104_1.2.pdf Online Software Publications Administrator's Guide Dynaweb
SG-6105_1.2.pdf Online Software Publications Installation Guide Dynaweb

SQ-2172 19960319 CRAY IOS-V Messages

SR-0066 19950828 Segment Loader (SEGLDR) and ld Reference Manual

SR-3108_9.1.pdf Cray Assembly Language (CAL) for Cray PVP Systems Reference Manual
SR-2011_10.0.pdf UNICOS User Commands Reference Manual
SR-2012_10.0.pdf UNICOS¨ System Calls Reference Manual
SR-2014_10.0.pdf UNICOS¨ File Formats and Special Files Reference Manual
SR-2022_10.0.pdf UNICOS¨ Administrator Commands Reference Manual
SR-2080_10.0.pdf UNICOS¨ System Libraries Reference Manual

SR-2089 19950828 Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Reference Manual

SR-2101 19940728 UNICOS X Window System Reference Manual

SR-3108 19950828 CRAY Assembly Language (CAL) for Cray PVP Systems Reference Manual

hr-00306_oa.pdf Safe Use and Handling of Fluorinert Liquid CRAY T90 Series Systems
HR-04028-0A Cray C90 Series Functional Description Manual
HR-04025-0B CRAY C916, CRAY C98, CRAY C98D, CRAY C94 and CRAY C94D Site Planning Reference Manual