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Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 06:31:45
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I am Engr. Shehu Ibuba, a Director General in theNigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and Ipresently head a seven-man tenders board in charge ofContract Awards and Payment Approvals. I came to knowof you in my search for a reliable and reputableperson to handle a very confidential businesstransaction, which involves the transfer of a huge sumof money to a foreign account requiring maximumCONFIDENCE. My colleagues and I, are Top Officials ofthe Federal Government Contract Review and AwardPanel. Our duties include Evaluation, Vetting, andApproval for payment of Contract jobs done for theN.N.P.C e.t.c. In order to commence this business wesolicit for your assistance to enable us transfer intoyour Account the said funds.The source of this fundsis as follows: In the firstquarter of 1999 this committee was mandated to reviewand award contracts to the tune of US$400 million USdollars to a group of five firms for the supply,construction and installation of Oil Pipe lines inWarri and Port Harcourt. During this process mycolleagues and I decided and agreed among ourselves todeliberately over-inflate the total contract sum fromUS$400 million to US$428 million United States dollarswith the main intention of sharing the remaining sumof US$28 million amongst ourselves. The FederalGovernment of Nigeria has since early last yearapproved the sum of US$428 million for us as thecontract sum, and the sum of US$400 million has alsobeen paid to the foreign companies concerned ascontract entitlements for the contract done, but sincethe companies are entitled to US$400 million dollarsonly, we are now left with US$28 million dollarsbalance in the account which we intend to disburseamongst ourselves, but by virtue of our positions ascivil servants and members of this panel, we cannotdo this by ourselves, as we are prohibited by theCode of Conduct Bureau (Civil Service Laws) fromopening and/or operating foreign accounts in our nameswhile still in Government service, making itimpossible for us to acquire the money in our namesright now. I have therefore; been delegated as amatter of trust and urgency by my colleagues in thepanel to look for an overseas partner into whoseaccount we would transfer the sum of US$28 million.Hence we are writing you this letter.My Colleagues and I have agreed that if you or yourcompany can act as the beneficiary of this funds onour behalf, you or your Company will retain 20% of thetotal amount (US$28 million), while 60% will be for us(OFFICIALS) and the remaining 20% will be used inoffsetting all debts/expenses incurred both local andforeign in the cause of this transfer. Needless tosay, the trust reposed on you at this juncture isenormous. In return we demand your complete honestyand trust. You must however NOTE that this transactionwill be strictly based on the following terms andconditions as we have stated below; a) Our conviction of your transparent honestyanddiligenceb) That you would treat this transaction withutmostsecrecy and confidentialityc) That you will not ask for more share or try to siton the funds once it is under your custody, or anyformof blackmail.c) That upon receipt of the funds you will release thefunds as instructed by us after you have removed yourshare of 20% from the total amount.Please, note that this transaction is 100% legal andrisk free and we hope to conclude this transactionseven bank workdays from the date of receipt of thenecessary requirements from you. We are lookingforward to doing business with you and solicit yourTotal Confidentiality in this transaction. There is nocause for alarm. I give you my word that you arecompletely safe in doing business with us. MostGovernment executives have successfully carried outtransactions like this in the past. Here in my countrythere is great economic and political disarray andthus looting and corruption is rampant and the orderof the day, thus explaining why you might have heardstories of how money is been taken out of Nigeria,this is because everyone is making desperate attemptsto secure his or her future, so that when we retirefrom active service we do not languish in poverty. Iwill explain more to you when I have heard from you.Please acknowledge the receipt of this letter usingthe above E-mail. I will bring you into the completepicture of this pending business transaction when Ihave heard from you and also receive your confidentialtelephone and fax numbers. Your urgent response willbe highly appreciated toenable us transfer the funds with the first batch ofpayments for the first quarter of the year. Thankyouand God Bless.Yours faithfully, Engr. Shehu Ibuba

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