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FAX: 234 1 7592618
EMAIL: dagash@rediffmail.com



It is my pleasure to write this letter to you.Firstly I must solicit your utmost confidentiality in this
transaction.This is by it's
virtue being totally confidential and top secret.I am making this contact with you based on
reliable information available to
us,courtesy of internet business index,thus we are
convinced that you would be
capable of providing us with a solution to a money transfer transaction of US$36,400,000.00
(Thirty-Six Million,Four Hundred
Thousand United States Dollars).

Source:During the last military regimes here in Nigeria,government officials set up companies
and awarded themselves
contracts that were to be paid from the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF) set up by the military
regime for the purpose of financing
special projects and these were grossly over-invoiced.The present civilian government have
constituted an Interim
Management Committe (IMC) with the mandate to investigate all contracts awarded as well
as carry out debt verification of all
claims that have not yet been paid with a view of settling all legitimate debts owed by the
Federal Government of Nigeria to
both local and foreign contractors before the government winds up the Trust Fund.

We as members of this committee have identified a lot of inflated contracts with funds
already allocated by the government in
this year budget.Presently,the allocated fund is floating in the Central Bank of Nigeria and by
virtue of our position as civil-
servants and members of this commitee,we cannot acquire this fund in our names.I was
delegated as a matter of trust by my
colleagues to look for an overseas partner into whose account we would process the
transfer of the funds totalling
(USD36,400,000.00) whereby you will be adequately compesated with 25% of the total
sum,hence our writing you this mail.

The present Civilian Government is determined to pay foreign contractors all debts owed so
as to maintain an amicable
relationship with both the Foreign Governments and Non Government Financial Agencies in
order to attract foreign investment
into our economy.We have decided to include our bills for approval with the co-operation of
some officials of the Federal
Ministy of Finance (F.M.F) and the Central Bank of Nigeria (C.B.N.).We hereby seek your
assistance in providing us with a
good company account or personal account into which we will process the remittance of
this money since you will be acting
as an ORIGINAL CONTRACTOR in this deal.This we can do by SWAPPING of account
information and changing of
beneficiary information to apply for payment.We will prepare letters of claims and job
description on your behalf on reception
of the following information (your banker's name and address,account number,your
telephone and fax numbers).

It is our intention therefore,while having your understanding and co-operation to invest 70%
of this funds in pulp and paper
manufacturing plant for worldwide distribution as well as importation of agricultural and oil
prospecting equipment to sub-
western region of Africa.The balance of 5% is set aside to cater for all local and foreign
expenses incurred in facilitating the
succesful transfer of this fund.

Therefore it is important that you contact me immediately you recieve this mail by sending a
fax to my confidential Fax
Number.:234 1 7592618,thus signifying your capability and willingness to assist us. We are
building our trust on sincerity of
purpose, mutual understanding and recommendation. The business itself is 100% safe and
fail proof provided you treat it with
utmost secrecy and confidentiality while following my instructions carefully and
religiously.Note that your line of
specialization does not matter as it cannot hinder the successful execution of this

Again we look forward to doing business with you and solicit your utmost confidentiality in
this transaction.Thank you for
your co-operation while awaiting your response.

Yours faithfully,


N.B. The telecommunication system in my country is very poor, please do not be
discouraged if you have difficulty in
contacting me, your efforts will be appreciated.(DO QUOTE REFERENCE NUMBER