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From ???@??? Sun Jun 16 10:31:14 2002
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From: "Dr. Igwe Ikem" 
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 03:00:55
Subject: your assistance needed
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Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

Dear Sir
I beleive you will receive this letter with surpise from somebody you have not known before.I got your e-mail address from a business journal.After fair consideration i decided to assistance to my urgent need which i beleive will be of mutal benefit to both parties.

I am Mr.Adams Akin personal assistant to senator Idris Abubakar. Senator Idris Abubakar is chairman of the national assembly of Nigeria. This committee awarded contract to foreign consortium firms to build a Hydro Electric Dam in Nigeria at the sum of USD3.5billion.

The senator with his team(committee) Would collect the sum of USD28million (Twenty Eight million dollars)only on guise as partner firm that would supply some construction and electrical equipments to the consortium of contractors for which the named associate company should be enlisted among the contractors.

This company should be included among the contractors and its own share for equipment supplied was valved for USD28million as above. The Idris Abubakar committee serving as senators in the present Nigerian government, trusted and mandated me to receive and manage this fund (USD28million) for them through a neutral and unfamiliar body outside Nigeria since all aspects of the contract is completely foreign oriented.

I am now required to collect this money with a name of foreign company/individual who should control it till 2004 when the present government should left office.I now write you to seek for your assistance to receive the money into your bank account,when the money is paid into your account you will take 30% of the money we take 65% and used 5% to settle envisaged expenses by both parties.

This money is now ready for payment to the respective contractors.All you are required to do now is to send me the following to legally process the bill for payment.
(1)Your full name and address
(2)Your account name and account number
(3)Your companies name if you want to us to use it
(4)Your acceptance letter
(5)Your phone, fax and mobile numbers.

After i receive all the above your company shall be enlisted as one of the beneficiary companies,then the money shall be paid into your account within 14 days of the processing of the bill.Your profile is also required because it will place you advantage position for consideration.

Please treat this information with utmost confidentiality.I look forward to your urgent reply.

Mr. Adams Akin