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From: "Kumo Suleiman" 
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>FROM Mr Kumo Suleiman
DIRECT LINE 234 9 2721687


First,I must solicit for your confidence in this transaction
this is by virture of its nature as being utterly confidential and classified.
I however apologise for infringing on your privacy, as we are
honourable members of the National Assembly. We are privy to
the information i am about to reveal to you on trust and confidece
as obtain in the urgent business reletionship.
We crave for your indulgence for a total confidentiality, we
intend to wrest power from the present government come 2003
presidential election with Fund traped in this country of ours.
In our effort to meet our objectives and consolidate on our
aspirations, we solicite for your undiluted assistance to enable
us free the traped funds, and ultimatly your reciept and custodian
of the Fund abroad.It might interest you to know that the source of this Fund is
as a result of the money DONATED by the MULTIMATIONAL(NNPC,SHELL,MOBIL,PPMCand
Others) to facilitate the Transformation of the Late CinC(ABACHA)
to a civilian PRESIDENT of the Federal Republic Nigeria.
Explicitly, this fund was Amassed and kept in a blind Trust
to enable them actualise this goal, but unfortunately as luck
may have it, the late CinC then died.
Futherance to that, it has been generally accepted by those
concerned that this Fund (US$42,000,000,00) be used in sponsoring
a Candidate that will Better the lot of the MASSES of this country
who have been IMPROVISHED by the Present Government.
In view of the above, and without prejudice, i solicite for
>your kind assistance to enable us Free this TRAPED FUND (US$42MILLION)
of which we are Offering you 20% of the total Fund,5% will be
set aside for any expenses incurred during the process of Freeing
the Traped FUND, while the balance will be use for its Primary purpose.
If this proposal suits you as i hope it should, do please get
back to me as a matter of urgency on 234 9 2721687 . This way, we can
prepar the mind of the Candidate of the GENERAL populace,and ensure that all PRE REQUISITE set by the Independent Electoral
Commission are met by this candidate under the UNITED NIGERIAN
Sir,we anticipate that the whole process will not exceed Two
weeks as we have already put adequate arrangement in place for
the smooth conclusion of this noble project of ours. I want
to assure you that all is well as we have the total support
of the Masses of this country and also want to assure you that
you have nothing to worried of as far as this Deal is concerned.
Oncemore, i would want to apologise haven infringed on your
privacy, while looking forward in hearing and having a 100%
risk free deal with you.
Thanks and remain bless,

Best Regards,

Kumo Suleiman Mr.