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From: "frank mensah" 
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From: Frank Mensah
North Ridge Avenue
Nkurumah Circle
Accra, Ghana
Tel: 233-24-655975


I do hope this letter will not come to you as a surprise; it was burnout of
my desire to share a business relation ship with you. My name is Frank
Mensah, 42years, a Ghana National married with a wife and two children. I am
the Personal Assistant to the Director International Remittance STANDARD
TRUST SECURITY CO. LTD here in Accra-Ghana. I got your information via the
Internet and decided to contact you immediately believing that you will be
capable to be my partner in this business.

I have been working with this company for 11years, having joined the
services of this company since 1991. Within this period I have watched with
meticulous precision how African Heads of States and top government
functionaries have been using STANDARD TRUST to move huge sums of money US$,
Pound Sterling, French Franc with the name of their foreign partners as
owners of this consignment(s).

They bring in these consignments containing money and secretly declare the
contents as jewelries, gold, diamond precious stones, family treasure, and
documents. Gen. Sani Abacha of Nigeria (dead), Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire
(dead) Foday Sankoy of Siera - Leone, Felix Houphet Buigny of Ivory Coast,
Babangida of Nigeria etc, all these people have more than five consignments
deposited with STANDARD TRUST. Their foreign partners, friends and
relatives, are claiming most of these consignments. A lot of them are lying
here unclaimed for as much as 9 yrs. No body may ever come for them because
in most cases, the documents of deposit are never available to any body
except the depositors most of them dead.

Since the inception of the 2000 millennium, STANDARD TRUST MANAGEMENT
changed the procedure of claims of consignments, thereby making it
impossible for this consignments to be claimed without deposit certificate
and other related documents which they issued to the depositor. Provided you
are able to produce all the secret information as contained in the secret
file of any consignment, it will be released to you upon demand, with my
position I will make available those required information to you on

From our record, 8 out of 14 consignments belonging to Late Gen Sanni Abacha
/Mobutu Sese Seko, have been claimed in the past six months. This is why I
am soliciting for your cooperation and assistance. Since he Abacha is dead,
his first son is also dead in a plane crash, the second son is facing trial
for murder and embezzlement, and the family members are under restricted
arrest without communication. I have finished every arrangement for you to
come and claim consignment NO: 1200 containing USD9M and consignment No.
1201 containing USD7M. My duty is to supply you with all the information and
documents by email and fax. You will deal directly with the Standard Trust
Management under my direction. The procedure is simple:

You will apply officially to the Director of Operations of STANDARD TRUST
for the release of consignment tag No: 1200 and No 1201. They will demand
for some documents and secret codes. Contact me by e-mail; I will supply you
with detailed information that you will fax it to the company on request.

As soon as they confirm it to be correct, they will invite you for the
collection. If you do not want to come to Accra Ghana, you can arrange with
them to transfer the consignment to anywhere on agreement. Nobody will ever
know I am involved in the deal except the Lawyer who will write an agreement
for us. I'll suggest upon conclusion we share 60 - 40. At the successful
conclusion of the deal, you'll arrange for my family and I to come over to
your country. I assure you that the business is 100% risk free. Respond
through my email contact for further explanations where you do not
understand and directives on the procedure.

Sincerely Yours,

Frank Mensah

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