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Dear Sir,


First, I must solicit your strictest confidence in
this transaction,this is by virtue of it's nature as
being utterly confidential and top secret as you were
introduced to my family in confidence by a mutual
acquaintance in the Nigerian Chamber of
Commerce(foreign Trade Division).He does not however
know the nature and extent of what I am about to
introduce to you..

I am one of the sons of the late Nigerian head of
state, General Sani Abacha. I wish to contact you on
transfer business involving US$41.5Million.
Shortly before the death of my father, he received and
kept in a coded account with the Central Bank of
Nigeria(C.B.N) this fund (US$12.5M).
The said fund arose from an over-inflated contract
executed for the Government of Nigeria by some foreign
contractors and the contract in question was
fully executed and commissioned during the era of my
father as president.The Contractor has been fully paid
leaving the over-invoiced sum floating in a
numbered(coded) account at the C.B.N awaiting claim
upon presentation of ownership details which include
the access code and the contract number.

Before proceeding further, I would not fail to tell
you that since the death of my father, the government
of my country has subjected our family
to solitary confinement, which I believe is the most
traumatic punisment that can be inflicted on anyone.
Our movement has been restricted and all our
travelling document seized.We are also placed on
strict surveillance. My father and our individual's
money in both local and foreign bank accounts have
been confiscated by this same government with the
assistance of some local collaborators and foreign
governments where these funds were
deposited.Presently my elder brother, Mohammed is
currently facing trial in law court. He has been
accused of privy to death of some prominent Nigerians.
This accusation of the government is based on the
falsified loot alligation levelled against my father
of public funds during his era.

For fear of any possible discovery of the fund by our
government, we are therefore soliciting intrested
partner who will front for us, clear the fund from the
Central Bank of Nigeria(C.B.N) and provide a reliable
account in oversea for it accommodation, then claim
the beneficiary pending when we shall be able to
travel. We have agreed give you 20% of the total
fund for your assistance. Should there be any expense
incurred by you in the course of this transaction,
after it's successful completion,10% will be
deducted from the total fund for the reimbursement
before the balance amount could be shared according
the percentage. Please note again that this
transaction is strictly confidential and as such
be kept secret.Be rest assured that this transaction
is 100% risk free as all modalities have been put in
place for a smooth and successful conclusion. However,
should you be intrested in assisting us, I will not
hesistate to furnish you with the access code of the
secret account, code which you will present at the
Central Bank of Nigeria. Moreso with this code, you
will able to verify and acquire all the necessary
information regarding the fund before clearing from
the Bank vault and subsequent transfer to your
designated bank account either by telegraphic
transfer or through cash call programme.

Lastly, we are also intrested in a joint venture with
our share of the fund in any profitable business
pending when we gain the liberty to travel out of
the country.I expect your prompt and positive
through my personal Tel. 234-803-327-9474
And my private email box mallamsadiq001@popmail.com

Yours faithfully,
Mallam Sadiq Abacha

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