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Forex & Computer Operations Department
TEL: 234-802-3205817, EMAIL:jamesduala@juno.com

Accept my apologies for writing to you in this mode for it might be of
Inconvenience to you but due to my quest for an honest and reliable
international assistance concerning a business here in my country
Nigeria I have no other option than to go this length. I need the
effectiveness of your professionalism in accomplishing this very
business. I am DR.JAMES DUALA Director/coordinator Forex and computer
operations department of the Union Bank of Nigeria PLC. I am writing
this letter to ask your support and cooperation to carry out this
business opportunity in my department. We discovered an abandoned sum
of$45.500,000.00 (Forty five million , Five hundred thousand United
States Dollars) in an account that belongs to one of our customer in
Union Bank of Nigeria, Late Mr.Abdulraqak Aziz (a Saudi Arabia
citizen and an Engineer Executing major Federal contract with
governments of West African sub region). He died with a
fellow business associate in a ghastly ! a uto Crash last year
October and his remains have since been incarcerated. Since his death,
we have been expecting his next of kin to come over and put claims as
the next of kin and beneficiary to the resources in Monsieur. Ives
Laurent Account, for it is against the ethics and norms of the finance
institution to claim such resources without a beneficiary unless
proclaimed by the government. The federal government of Nigeria has
given directives to finance institutions to declare adamant accounts
that has stayed more than 8 months in their custody as they intend to
use it to pay off her military peace keeping force (ECOMOG) who fought
in War ravaged African countries precisely and as the case may be,
Late Mr.Abdulraqak Aziz account fell into this category thus the
necessity for contacting you for I am determined to move this fund out
as the rigorous and rash economic decision and policies Has really
turned we government workers to mere civil laborers. I have worked for

a decade and half and I have nothing to show as reaps and rewards of
my hard earned labor. As I need a next of kin/beneficiary and
financial assistance to re-claim this resources for I cannot take on
this project alone. My attorney and I have propose a commission of 30% out of the total resources for your Kind assistance and ten 10% as
been mapped out to be reimbursed to both parties as sundry expenses
incurred in the course of this business. To commence this transaction,
I require you to immediately indicate your interest by a return
correspondence to this email address an enclose your private contact
telephone number, fax number, full name & Address, and your
designated bank coordinates to enable us file a letter of Claim to the
appropriate departments for necessary approvals before the transfer
could be made. Note also that this business must be kept strictly
confidential because of its nature and can be finalized within a short
time depending on the level of your co mm itment/swiftness. I look
forward to receiving your prompt response.

Best regards,

James Duala(PhD)