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From: Moshood Akinwale 
To: moshood_akinwale@yahoo.com
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From  : M. Akinwale.

E-mail: akinsmith32@hotmail.com

ATTN: Sir/Madam

I write with absolute confidence in the integrity of your person. Essentially,
the business we are about to commence is fundamentally based on TRUST AND WITH A SENSE OF PURPOSE. For succinct introduction, we are members of the Contract Review PaneL (CRP) of the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF), our status ranks from ministerial post down to directors - general.
The setting up of the committee was necessitated by the flaws and blatant abuse
of the last military regime, which awarded contract at incredibly inflated

Through tenacious effort and well-expanded energy and experience, we were
able to rectify these flaws and to pay the contractors their rightful dues. At
the end of this arduous exercise the sum of US$20.5M (Twenty Million, Five
Hundred Thousand USD) was left in the suspense account of the Central Bank of
Nigeria (CBN), due to the initial inflated cost. To get our entitled payment for
this special project, the committee unanimously resolved that the above
mentioned sum be disbursed among members equitably.

This precisely is why we need your assistance since this money has to be paid
into a foreign account from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and we are
prohibited to operate foreign account in our names, making it impossible for us
to acquire this money in our names now. We solicit your assistance with an
unflinching faith that you will not betray us. With your ability to assist in
this transfer, you are entitled to 25%, my colleagues and I will have 65%, while
the remaining 10% is to take care of all incidental expenses that both parties
may incurre during the course of this transaction. Our share will be channeled
into a joint venture business with your company under your investment advice.
This money when remitted into your Bank Account, our share of 65% will be used
to finance the Cost of Equity and other expenses for the take off of the Joint
Venture Business.

To enable us put up claims and invoice for the payment into your account, we
require the following by E-mail :-

i) Your banking particulars
ii) the name of your bank
iii) your bank address
iv) fax and account number
v) the name of the beneficiary to the account

If you require the fund transfered to you by International Cashiers Cheque (ICC), your mailling address will be needed for the  Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to forward it to you by courier service.

Send me your private telephone and fax numbers to reach you during and after business hours.
This information will be used for job description and invoice for the onward
dispatch and approvals, presenting you as the rightful beneficiary to the fund.

We want to carry out this exercise with you since it falls within our area of jurisdiction and the transaction is 100% safe.

Please do reach me on this E-mail address: akinsmith32@hotmail.com indicating your willingness to assist in this mutually beneficial transaction.
Remember that this transaction is a confidential one, keep it strictly to
yourself for we are Civil Servant still in service.

I await your positive response urgently.


Mr M. Akinwale.

Alternate email address: akinsmith32@hotmail.com

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