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From: "Aguter" 
Subject: Mr. Aguter Willis
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From: Mr. Aguter Willis
House 11A Family Quarters,
Garki - Abuja, Nigeria.
Tell: 234- 9 - 52330909
E-mail Add: (aguter_Agu@yahoo.com)

Dear Friend,

My pleasure to contact you. I got your impressive
information through my research for a reliable and
reputable person to assist us and benefit your self to
this great business opportunity. I have tried
severally to reach you on phone without success.

My name is Mr. Aguter Willis the Official
Investigation on Commercial Banks in Nigeria and we
work in hand with the Committee on Foreign Contract
Payment, I discovered an outstanding deposit of US$
17,000,000.00 belonging to Dr. Charles Walters one of
the Directors of Chevron Nig. PLC who died two years
ago of heart attack.

However, this amount has been lying down in the
dormant personal account of Dr. Charles without any
claim by his Next of Kin. Now, after thorough
inquiries and crosschecking, we have discovered that
his family is not aware of this huge
deposit otherwise the Bank supposed to have received a
letter of inquiries from them.

Consequently, with the collaboration of Mr. Peter Eke
who is the Credit Officer with Union Bank of Nigeria
Plc, Lagos. We wish to secure some economic
arrangement by way of soliciting for a trusted
foreigner like you who can put immediate claims to
this dormant account.

Please be informed that this transaction is 100% risk
free and every official protocol must be attained
before swift transfer to your nominated Bank account.
So, send your Banking information and routing numbers,
so that we can get it started right away. For further
clarification and understanding of this transaction,
could you provide your direct telephone numbers for a
personal discussion?

With your cooperation and punctuality, this
transaction will take less than 21working days of full
Banking operation?

Yours faithfully

Mr. Aguter Willis
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