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Good day,

I have to first of all apologise for taking you unawares by the contents
of this message. I had to send the message straightaway because of the
short time involved in what I demand of you. Please treat this message
with utmost seriousness and swiftness.

Apart from the fact that you will be adequately rewarded, I will forever
show my gratitude. I am Mr. Aroujo Tao Savimbi, son of the late Angolan
Leader Jonas Savimbi who was killed last year. I got your contact details
from the internet because I really have no time and I needed an anonymous
person abroad whom I hope I can trust. I pray I am not making wrong
judgement by coming to you.

Jonas Savimbi deposited a large sum of money with a security vault in
Europe and America that is my late father. The movement of members of his
family (including me) is restricted. Our movement are monitored but I have
managed to enter South Africa where I intend to lie very low until I
complete this transaction with you. Other members of my family and I do
not have access to any of these deposits with banks in Angola,America and
Europe so you can see how desperately we need your assistance. Both
government officials and fraudulent relatives are trying to get their
hands on my father's wealth by claiming that the wealth was gotten through
arms smuggling and illegal sale of diamonds.

You can find out more about my late father by checking this profile at URL




His wealth is estimated to be over US$1billion and my mother, being the
only one with some of the documents has aided me to sneak into South
Africa refugee Camp and conclude this transaction with any one I choose.

I have spoken with the security company and the operations manager has
agreed to release the two trunk boxes in their possession to whomever's
name I issue a power of attorney as the new beneficiary of the deposit.
This security company has US$50,000,000.00 each and precious materials
which my father lodged in their safe keep in Europe and U.S.A. before his
death so I will give you their contact and relevant documents including
power of attorney to allow you access to the two trunk boxes of money.

The whole idea is for you to receive this money physically, set up bank
accounts in U.S.A and Europe and transfer in bits into your home bank
accounts before my government even knows what is happening. My father was
a rebel leader in Angola before his death. You must follow my instructions
as stated above for the transfer of the funds because it will be difficult
for the Angolan government to trace my father's money to an individuals
account moreso, when you have no prior relationship with us.

I am currently and temporarily living in South Africa refugee camp and I
will be communicating with you on a satellite phone and GSM to avoid
intervention by the authorities. We have to keep this transaction very
secret because of the political situation in Angola at the moment. I shall
send you a password and information that will include power of attorney
and the contact of the security company as soon as you are ready to

Could you please send your full names, address, confidential telephone and
fax number to enable me issue a power of attorney to you and refer you to
the security company in Atlanta/Amsterdam for immediate payment.

Yours sincerely,

Aroujo Tao Savimbi.

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