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FAX#: 234 1 7598628
EMAIL: cenbank@popmail.com

I am Evans Amadi a staff of central Bank of Nigeria, Tinubu Square Lagos, Nigeria.
I am the Manager TELEX and TELEGRAPHIC WIRE TRANSFER UNIT under the foreign operations department.

My Unit is incharge of all telegraphic wire payments which central Bank is obligated to execute on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria, for which ever purpose in which such payments is required.
Recently, the federal Governments have released hundreds of millions of dollars for payments to foreign contractors and consultants for contract executed on behalf of the federal Government of Nigeria. Most of these payments were for contracts executed long before the present civilian Government came into power in 1999. Especially during the Military rule of General Sani Abacha. (1993 to 1998)

Most often during our programming of our telex message to our correspondence Bank in Europe and America who make these payment on behalf of central Bank, we discover
that some of the payment vouchers contains figures far and over above the value of the original contract. These figures were most often deliberately inflated by corrupt government officials who approved the contracts for payment.

At present I have with me an over inflated payment voucher to the value of USD$30.550.000. (Thirty Million Five Hundred and Fifty thousand dollars.)
Approved for payment to a Russian Contractor who executed some contract for the Federal Government in AJEOKUTA STEEL ROLLING COMPANY.
I and my close colleaque in my Department have decided to transfer this amount stated
Above to you if you would be interesred in receiving it on our behalf.

I want you to send your company or personal bank account to me immediately. so that
we shall slot it in as the Bankers to the above contractor and programme the payment
to be made to you as the beneficiary.

This is very confidential and urgent as we have already received list of companies and organizations scheduled for payments this third quarter of the year.

If you are interested please contact me by fax or email as stated herein with your bank account details, telephone and fax numbers
My fax number is 234 1 7598628. Email: cenbank@popmail.com
After the transfer into your Bank Account, you should keep 20% as your commission, while 75% is for us and 5% for incidental expenses.
Thank you