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From: "Johnson Odara" 
Subject: Waiting for your reply
Sender: "Johnson Odara" 
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Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 20:58:06 +0100
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FROM THE DESK OF: Johnson Odara
Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund,

Contract Award Committee,
Nigerian National Petroleum
National Secretariat,
E-mail: href="mailto:johnodara@moldova.cc">johnodara@moldova.cc
Fax No.:234 1

I am the Chairman of the Contract Award committee and
my committee
is solely responsible for awarding and
payment of contracts on behalf of the
Government of Nigeria . My Committee awarded contracts
to foreign
contractors for the supply of crude oil related
Machines and spare parts to
the Nigerian National Petroleum
Corporation. We overshot the contract sum by
USD41.5 Million.
We have paid the contractors and withholding the balance of
Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars.
Since, the
existing domestic laws forbid civil servants
from opening, operating and
maintaining foreign accounts,
we do not have the expertise to transfer this
balance of
funds to a foreign account.


However, this balance of Forty-one Million Five Hundred
Thousand United
States Dollars has been secured in form
of credit/payment to a foreign
contractor.Hence, we wish
to transfer into your bank account as the
of the funds.


We have also arrived at a conclusion that you will be
compensated to the
tune of 20% of the total sum
transfered while 5% will be reserved for
expenses that both parties will incur in the course
actualizing this transaction and the balance of 75%
will be kept for
the Committee members.


If you know you are capable of helping us actualize
this business
deal,You should send to me immediately the
details of your bank particulars
or open a new account
where we can transfer the money(US$41.5M)which you
hold in trust for us until we come over there for our
own share.


As soon as you open the account, send by e-mail to me
immediately the
details of the account viz: Name of
bank, address, routing number, telex
number, Account
number, Tel and Fax number.You should also include
name of your company, your personal address, Tel and
Fax numbers for
further communication.


Note that this transaction will be concluded within 10
working days from
the day you give your consent.


Yours sincerely ,


Johnson Odara.
E-mail: href="mailto:johnodara@moldova.cc">johnodara@moldova.cc
Fax No.: 234 1