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From: Godwin Edosa 
To: gedosa03b@123.com
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TELEPHONE: 234 1791 6421
INTERNET FAX NUMBER: 1775 628 8257

Dear sir,


Compliments of this season. I write to seek your operation as my
foreign partner and your assistance to enable me to own a property and invest
in the stable economy of your country. I apologise if this mail does not
suit your personal or business ethics.

I am Godwin Edosa, I am making this proposal to you in strict
confidence.The money we want to invest was acquired from an over
invoiced contract proceed as the chairman of the senate financial committee on
foreign contracts verification and payment. (Member, Contract
ReviewPanel (CRP.)

The amount in question is $25.500,000.00 Million US dollars. As a
senior civil servant in the Nigeria Government, our country's prudential
policy forbids me to operate foreign account.If you will like to assist me as
a partner, then indicate your interest after which we shall both discuss
on the modalities. All other information to facilitate the remittance of
the funds will be revealed to you in due course.

For your assistance, you shall receive 20% of the fund to be
transferred and 10% will be set aside for all expenses incurred by both parties.I
would like my proposal to be kept confidential because of what I
explained above and you can reach me urgently on my e-mail, telephone
or fax number (It is an american fax number,which is more secure)

Please indicate your direct telephone and fax number when replying this
business proposal.I will always call you when necessary, for now I will
appreciate if you call me or we can be contacting through email.A swift
acknowledgement on the reciept of this mail will be appreciated. Thank
you and God bless you.

Best regards,
Godwin Edosa

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