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From: abbas_ah@tiscali.co.uk
Subject: ABBAS
To: abbas_ah@tiscali.co.uk
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In the past year, I have employed very diligent
bureaucratic means to divorce US$ 25,500,000 (Twenty
five Million, five hundred thousand U. S.
Dollars) from the external affairs operation of the
Federal Government of my country - in Angola and
the Central African Republic. My strategic position
in the Government of my country and my relationship
with corresponding key officials in the Governments
of Angola and the Central African Republic has
afforded me the required Intergovernmental funds
transfer connections as well as the know-how that
will ensure the success of an operation of this
sizes. For our safety, I have structured the
transfer of the US$ 25,500,000 to conform to the
highest standard of International Banking
Regulations and Financial Laws,

conversely, I require strictly, a foreign company
duly registered and verifiable as having conformed
to the basic operating and equity standards in its
area of domicile or private person without a company,but know he can handle
such,who can help receive the US$ 25,500,000.
Your role, in the above regard, will be to act as
the beneficiary of the funds in question, as my
official portfolio precludes me from legal
association with this money You must however, note
that this transfer will be guided by certain express
provisions designed to ensure that your receipt of
the above stated sum does not place me at a
disadvantage or undermine my ability to receive my
portion of the US$ 25,500,000. Firstly, the
remittance of the money into your nominated account
will be subject to a funds remittance clause known
as Condition Precedent. That is, the crediting of
your nominated account with the above stated funds
will be conditional and subject to a post dated
credit confirmation date. The postdating will allow
my nominee and I adequate time to arrive in your
country to set up the proper fund receipt mechanism
for our share of the US$ 25,500,000

Finally, I am constrained by time in the execution
of the above stated transfer, therefore your
immediate response in concession to the nature,
requirement and conditions for the successful
completion of this transfer, will be highly
appreciated. At which time too, I will be more than
delighted to illuminate whatever areas seem unclear
to you in the entire process.

I await your response
Sincerely Abbas.