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Subject: Please help
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The Managing Director / CEO
Request for urgent confidential business relationship
Re: Transfer of USD $15M dollars into your nominated bank account.

After due deliberation with my colleagues, I decided to forward to you this
business proposal. We want a reliable person who could assist us to transfer
the sum of thirty one million five hundred thousand Us dollars (15M) into
His / Her account.

This fund resulted from an over in voice bill from contract awarded by us
under the budget allocation to my ministry and the bill was approved for
payment by the concerned ministries. The contract was executed, commissioned
and the contractor has been paid their dues for the contract.

W e are left with the balance of thirty one million five hundred thousand
U S dollars as the over invoice amount which we deliberately over estimated
for our use. Under our protocol division, as civil servants it is forbidden
to own or operate foreign accounts. This is why I have to contact you for
assistance. We had agreed share the money as follows:
1. 30% for your (Account Owner)
2. 60% for us
3. 10% for miscellaneous expenses incurred in the cost of these transactions.

I am the executive chairman tenders board committee of the Nigeria National
Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). This transaction is 100% risk free but strictly
confidential. We the NNPC officials involved have put in many years of services
to our ministry. This is our time opportunity we cannot afford to miss.

To get this fund transaction into your nominated bank account, you have
to present an international business out fit and consequent upon your indication
of interest to fully assist us in this transaction. You are advised to send
to us with the following information's by fax or email
1. Your Bankers details and address
2. Your banker's telephone, faxes and telex number
3. Your private telephone and fax numbers or email for easy communication

4. The name of the beneficiary of the account.
The above information's will enable us to seek for approvals of the fund
from concerned quarters within 3-4 banking days and the Nigeria National
Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) payment information data will be faxed immediately
to you for completion. You may be required to sign the fund release authority.
Upon your account confirmation that the money has hit you're nominated bank
account. My colleagues and I will come to your country for disbursement
of fund. These will only take 14 working days.

Let honesty be our watchword through this transaction. As you're prompt
reply will be highly appreciated.
Yours faithfully
mrs josephin david

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