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) Attention: Chairman/CEO.
) Business Relationship
) My name is Mr. Newton Gwarada. the stepson of Mr.
) Terry ford of Zimbabwe. It might be a surprise to
) you where I got your contact addressg; I got it from
) the net. Don't be worried because I am contacting
) you in good faith.
) During the current crisis against the farmers of
) Zimbabwe by the supporters of our President Robert
) Mugabe to claim all the white owned farms in our
) country. he ordered all the white farmers to
) surrender their farms to his party members and their
) followers.
) My stepfather was one of the best farmers in the
) country and knowing that he did not support the
) President political ideology. the president
) supporters invaded my father's farm and burnt down
) everything. killed him and confiscated all his
) investments.
) After the death of my stepfather. my mother and I
) with my younger sister decided to move out of
) Zimbabwe for the safety of our lives. We took along
) with us the money my step-father kept in the safe in
) my mother's house which amounted to the sum of
) Republic of South Africa where we have deposited it
) as personal valuables in a private Security Company
) for safekeeping.
) Because of our present status (Political Refugees).
) my mother and I are seriously looking forward to
) having an overseas partner that will assist us with
) the convenient and legal transfer of the funds out
) of South Africa.
) If my proposition is considered. for assisting us to
) transfer this money to your country. we will offer
) you 20% of the total fund. and 5% of the total will
) be set aside to cover any expenses incurred during
) this transaction. 75% will be for my family to
) invest in your country under your supervision.
) For detailed information. you can contact me
) direct
) I would appreciate confidentiality and honesty in
) our correspondence. Your immediate response will be
) highly welcomed.
) Best Regards.
) (for family)