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From ???@??? Sun Mar 07 00:00:00 2004
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From: "Jason Maxwell." 
Reply-To: jasonmaxwelfare@netscape.net
To: Email_addr3@Domain.net
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2004 16.25.07 +0100
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Dear Friend.

I am a project manager with the FEDERAL MINISTRY OF
I obtained your email from the internet. while
searching for a reliable person. who could assist us
in receiving kick-backs funds from contractors awarded
contracts executed under the current budgetary
allocation for NDDC. These bills had been approved for
payment by the concerned ministry. The contracts had
been executed. commissioned.

What we are about to receive now is a kick back from
the contractors whom we helped obtain the contracts
and process their payments.

On our part. all modalities had been worked out in
ensuring a smooth transaction within the next Ten
days. All I want from you is your details to enable
these foreign contractors forward the kick-back sums
to you on our behalf. because as government officials
we cannot collect these kick-backs directly from them.
neither are we allowed by law to operate
foreign accounts.

I will like you to provide immediately your full
names. address. and telephone number if you are

Please note: there will be no financial obligation
required from you and this transaction is risk free.
For each kick-back received by you on our behalf. you
are entitled to 10% of that sum.

As soon as you indicate your interest. further
instructions will be passed on to you on the procedure
that we will follow in accomplishing
this deal.

Reply confidential email: jasonmaxwelfare=40netscape.net

Kindly reach me immediately via e-mail furnishing me
with your details as stated above.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards.

Jason Maxwell.