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From: "Mr Isaac Mokoma" 
Reply-To: isamoko@z6.com
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 19:53:30 +0300
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Hello & good day.
The prompting of this letter is based on my genuine intention to
establish a mutual business relationship with you.I got your contact in
the internet during my search for a credible individual who can be of
immense assisstance to my boss.former president of Liberia Charles
Taylor and myself.
For proper introduction.I am Mr.isaac mokoma. the earstwhile minister
Economic Planning under President Charles Taylor.
You must have read in the news lately of how the international
pressurised President Charles Taylor.due to his indictment for war
crimes and illicit diamond trade.to step down and went into exile in
Nigeria with his close associates to bring about a lasting peace in
In line with this developement.we decided to set aside some money for
safe keeping to take care of our future when we
finally go into exile.For this we (myself and Taylor) have the sum of
two Million. five hundred thousand U.S Dollars) which we depositet in a security finance company in united arab emirate for investment
I am soliciting your assistance in taking over the temporary ownership
of the funds quickly because of the hunt by international community to
frozen our bank accounts and confisticate our assets all over the
formalities in respect of your take over will be facilitated by a
diplomatic contact in U.A.E.We are willing to compensate you with a negotiable and satisfactory
percentage of the funds for your coperation and assistance in this
If this information appeals to your positive response. do not hesitate
to contact me via email address stated above so that further details
will be unfolded to you asap.
Finally. I sincerely apologise for encroaching into your privacy with
this email.
Yours faithfully.
isaac mokoma