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Wilson Tylor
West Africa


I Beg of You.

With all sincerity and humility I am Wilson Taylor, the first son of the
deposed President of Liberia, the African settlement of the United
States of American slaves.
I write you this proposal based on the fact that I need your aid and
assistance to relocate to a safe haven my Dad personal funds of
US$42 Million (Forty Two Million United States Dollars), which is
deposited in a safety CASH depository box with Financial Security
Company in Africa and the Country will be later disclosed to you upon
your offer of acceptance to help.
The lives of me,my sisters and my mother are at risk ever since my husband
engaged himself in this rebel of a thing in my country- Liberia which
later saw him as the president of my country. We have currently been
offered political asylum (refugees) in the Federal Republic of Nigeria
by its president, Olusegun Obasanjo, which will confine us to its shores
for the rest of our lives.
We have been assured safety by the Nigerian Government President by a
meeting held with President George Bush of the United States of America
in Nigeria the 10th of July 2003 at the Concluded Leon Sullivan Summit
Held in Abuja - Nigeria. What you may hear of my husband should you
decide to verify may not be of a good report but he has learnt his
lesson the hard way and what I do now, is for the
Sake of my two sisters and my mother whom I pray to God to forgive us from
the retribution of the sins of our Father. I am prepared and willing
to give you 25% of the total fund (US$42M) for assisting us to collect
this fund from the Security Financial Company and also help us in the
investment of our part of the Fund. I will welcome your conditions and
ideas in this project.
We have just settled down in Nigeria as we got here on the 11th of
August, 2003. In view of this I will give you a number in which we can
be reached once you agree to assist me and my Family. This proposal is
important and very urgent as the United Nations are on the verge of
frozen my husband funds and assets around the World and due to our
immigration status here in Nigeria (REFUGEES) we cannot do anything now
to help our situation.
I look forward to your prompt response. Please send your reply to my
private email address:

Thanks a lot for your cooperation.
Yours Sincerely,
Wilson Taylor.