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Subject: Barrister Dike Obinna(Esq )Good News
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my private email address: zuzu2@indiatimes.com

My names are Barrister Dike Obinna(Esq .I am the Family Secretary/legal adviser to the former President Charles Taylor before he was forced out of power and sent into exile in Nigeria.

The family has huge sums of money about Seventy Five Million United States Dollars ($75M) safey deposited in CASH with a security Company in Europe.

President Taylor, wants to invest the money but want me to look for a trusted and honest person who can invest this money on his family?s behalf as proxy. I have chosen you becaus of your track record as a honest person. You will be paid Management/Trusteeship fees of 30% of the total sum for managing and investing the funds as proxy on behalf of the family.

However, you will have to in return pay me from the pro
it accrued for introducing and bringing you to the family. On this you and I will have to sign an agreement before I can bring you directly with the family.

Nevertheless, there is a diplomat who is assisting to facilitate this tran action and he has concluded arrangements to have this funds transferred through to your nominated account. You will need to meet with him in Europe. You will be required to travel to meet with the diplomat in Europe who will assist you with
everything for the wire transfer of the funds through a local Bank to your nominated account.

There is no risk involved at all so long you can invest the money. You will also sign a formal working agreement with the Diplomat on behalf of the family in Europe. I will issue you a letter of Power of Attorney and the Certificate of Deposit to enable you take delivery of the funds from the security company in Europe to be accompanied by the diplomat.

Please tell me in cnfidence can you handle it? Can you invest this huge amount of money successfully? Have you ever handle such huge amount of money before? How old are you? Please advise most urgently.

Check : http://www.liberiaorbit.org/lonewscurrencylib


I look forward to your response.


my private email address: zuzu2@indiatimes.com
Barrister Dike Obinna(Esq

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