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Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 03:13:05 GMT
From: francisomoto@caramail.com
To: Email_addr2@Domain.net
Subject: re:need your help
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I had intended to hold a personal meeting with you to discuss the issues contained in this letter but decided to send your this personal letter instead, so as not to influence your decision to participate in the project. However to ensure that you receive this letter timely and confidentially, I have suggested the use of your email address so that uou can get it,read its content and make up your mind if you can assist me or not.

A close associate of yours recommended you to us, even though he does not know the exact nature of the business that we intend to do with you except that it involves millions of dollars and that we require a partner with unwavering reliability and trust. This is the most vital reason for our decision to invite you to partake in this project.

The project: I am Francis Yekoyada Omoto Jnr, a former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, during the presidency of Daniel Arap Moi and currently a Director in the Energy Ministry here in Kenya. In the course of our duties, my colleagues and I were privileged to influence contract decisions and operate consultancy firms to receive consultation fees and commissions from contractors as well as multi-national companies that operated in my country. These commissions in monetary terms totaled $18,620,000 US (Eighteen million, six hundred and twenty thousand united states dollars) and are currently held under an escrow account with the national bank as claims due for an executed contract. We now desire to move these funds to your country and invest it until our retirement in the near future. However to ensure minimal attention and tax implication, I will require your assistance in the transfer of these funds to your country. We are handicapped in the circumstances, as the new reformed Civil Servic
e Code of Conduct does not allow us to open or maintain foreign accounts hence your importance in the whole transaction.

Funds Origin: The funds $18.6 million dollars is total balance of the commissions and consultancy fees which my colleagues and I charged and accumulated on contracts executed by foreign contractors building various multi-million dollars contracts over a 14 year period. While the is nothing illegal about the funds, the change in political scene has made necessary our desire to effect the transfer of the money to your country before any new service reforms affects the funds mobility. We have all required documentation, certificates and approval bonds that properly documents the funds origin and receipts.

Your role The whole transfer process will transpire in a matter of days and your role is to provide a transit account that will receive the money as proceeds for an executed contract. This processing is necessary to conform to international financial guidelines and money-laundering laws as specified for both your country and mine. For your assistance, we have agreed that you will receive the sum of $3.5 million dollars. You will need to provide,

1. A company name (including a confidential telephone and fax number)
2. The bank account (where the contract money will be remitted)

Be rest-assured that there is absolutely no risk involved as the contract certification and approval bonds have been issue by government and the money is ready for onward transfer. Needless to say that some top officials in the national bank and important ministries are my friends and will also benefit.

Contact me. It is important that you inform me on of your decision without delay at my confidential email address francisomoto@caramail.com as my telephone and fax numbers are unreliable but I will be taking delivery soon of new confidential telephones numbers specially for this project which I will make available to you. What is of utmost importance is that you maintain absolute confidentiality and not inform anyone of this project at any time. I am available to clarify any questions you may have concerning the project.

I await your fullest cooperation.

Your Faithfully,

Francis Yekoyada Omoto Jnr.