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From ???@??? Thu May 20 17:08:05 2004
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Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 17:08:05 +0100
Subject: business proposal/assistance
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Sorry to contact you in this manner. Difficulties encountered in efforts to secure funds inherited from my fathers business reserve. necessitate this search for someone to assist me.
My name is Mohammed Abacha. the heir of the Abacha family. and son to Sani Abacha. the Late Nigerian Head of State. I am presently undergoing trial in Abuja though have just been recently granted bail under the condition that my family refunds to the Federal Government some amount of money.
To save the family from total bankruptcy I have managed to ship through a courier company. the sum of US$12. 000.000.00. kept by my late father. This money has become the only inherited property of our family since the government and its loyalists are bent on making life difficult for us by freezing all the family account and has auctioned most of our properties.

The money has since been deposited with a private finance and
security firm in Europe. I am willing to offer a percentage agreeable to you. All other information required to secure the funds will be given to you pending a positive response.
A quick reply with your name.telephone and fax numbers will be highly appreciated.
Please refer to this website about my trial and the abacha family.

Sincerely yours

Mohammed Abacha