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Subject: Confidential Matters please 
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I am Gideon Arap Moi, the son of The former president of Kenya
Mr Daniel Arap Moi. I came to know you in the course of my
search for a reliable And GOD fearing partner, and I decided contact you,
Because I believe you are a reputable person and I feel You can help me
and my mother over this confidential matter.
I count on your integrity and honesty to be able to handle this
Business. My father, Mr Arap Moi, was the former president of Kenya ,
In East Africa, During his reign as the president , he had so many
Monetary dealing with a lot of European companies in my country
And out side my country, and he uses these companies as a means
Of transferring funds to foreign accounts in Europe ,America and
Asia., all these funds where gotten from the sales of Gold and Diamonds,
Amongst the companies he registered was GOLDENBERG COMPANIES,
Which he uses as front for funds deposit, he made a transfer of$76,000,000. =
(seventy six million American Dollars) to this company which never existed,
the said company has since been declared bankruptcy and liquidate, and the
said funds has been deposited with a security company in Europe where it
is kept from for safekeeping.
For more information you can click on this website:
(1) http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/3338023.stm or ,
(2) http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/3025878.stm%
And as the only child of my mother who is the 6th wife to my father
the president, he has given to us as our own share, which is this funds
that is with the security company in Europe. The money is kept in
trunk boxes and was registered as precious substances, thus there is
nobody that knows that it is money that is in the box. All the documents
with which the money was deposited is with us (my mother and I) I am
looking for somebody that is capable and willing to travel to any part of
Europe to receive the two trunk boxes of money on behalf of my mother
and I from the security company.
We need a trust worthy and experience person that will help us to invest
This money in your country and take us as one family and will also buy
A house for us over there where we can live safely
We are expecting to hear from you, please contact me on my email address =
Thanks for your anticipated co-operation , please include your Telephone =
number and fax number in your reply.
Best Regards.
Gideon Arap Moi