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From: ken Ameobi 
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For The Attention of: OWNER / CHIEF EXECUTIVE
This is for your urgent attention. First, I must solicit your strictest =
confidence as you read this letter. Though this might come to you as a =
surprise since we have not met or spoken with each other before. I plead for =
your understanding and tender my humble apologies if I had taken you unaware.

My name is KEN AMOBI, a member of the committee set up by the Federal =
Government of Nigeria to supervise the activities of the Petroleum Trust Fund =
(PTF), the agency that manages proceeds from the sale of crude oil in my =
country. At the inception of the new democratic government in my country, =
the Petroleum Trust Fund was ordered to wind up its operation to enable the =
new committee take over. The former Chairman of the agency in the person of =
Major General Muhammed Buhari (Rtd.) was also retired.
In its place a new committee in which I am a member was appointed to take =
over and oversee the activities of the agency. The duty of the committee =
amongst others includes verifying all outstanding contract claims and debts =
with the sole objective of settling such long overdue claims. I therefore =
decided to contact you directly having gotten your name and company's =
information from a business handbook of your country I discovered in the =
former chairman=92s official study, which he left behind in his office.
Going through some of the files left behind by the former chairman, we =
discovered that he has secured out of the Central Bank of Nigeria a forex =
release to the tune of US$25,500,000.00 for the payment of goods and services =
supplied by foreign contractors for the execution of KUBUWA WATER PROJECT in =
the oil rich Niger Delta. He was trying to transfer the funds to a ghost =
company abroad when he was removed from office. In confidence, we know that =
the goods and services were not supplied but used his office to approve the =
payment in favour of a foreign firm with no fixed address. He confided in me =
as a member of the new committee that he used his position to over invoice =
the contract. After his removal from office, this over invoiced amount is =
floating in the system and left unclaimed. He has therefore requested me to =
help look for a foreign company into whose account the funds will be =
I am now soliciting for your cooperation to enable us process the transfer of =
the funds to your account. You should provide us your company's name or any =
other name as long as you will be able to receive the amount. It will be =
treated as one of the outstanding payments due to you on executed contract. =
We will take measure to duly register your company here in Nigeria to give it =
legitimacy. We need your company's name and account particulars to enable us =
file application for foreign exchange allocation order at the Federal =
Ministry of Finance. The moment we accomplish this, we will raise Contract =
Award Certificate in your company's name to show that a contract was actually =
awarded and executed by you. The nature of your business does not matter.
For your participation and investing in this project, we are prepared to =
concede 25%of the total sum to you. On completion of the project, we will =
commit a substantial percentage of our share into investments in your country =
and we will direct you on how to repatriate the balance of our share.
I wish to state here again that confidentiality should be our watchword. If =
the above proposal meets your approval, please respond immediately.
Endeavour to furnish me with your secured private telephone and fax line for =
easy reach.