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From ???@??? Fri Jun 25 07:04:30 2004
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From: Prince Dungan 
To: Email_addr2@Domain.net
Reply-To: prdungan@hotmail.com
Subject: Urgent Response needed
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 00:04:30 -0600
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I take the authorization of writing to you with a view of establishing a =
business relationship with you. I am We are top Government official of the =
national House of Assembly and I=92m currently the Chairman of the Federal =
Government of Nigeria Contract Review Panel on Foreign Contracts and payments =
(F.C.& P).
In order to commence this business, we solicit your assistance to enable us =
transfer into your bank account the sum of USD$40.2 Million (forty million =
two Hundred thousand Dollars) only. This fund resulted from over -invoiced of =
National contracts executed during the last military regime. As part of these =
present civilian government policies, a contract Review Panel was setup, a =
panel in which I=92m the chairman.
In the course of my investigations, I identified a lot of over inflated =
contracts funds that are currently floating in the Apex Paying Bank ready for =
payment to any foreign contract with formal bonafide claim.
However as the chairman of this panel and a civil servant, I cannot acquire =
this fund in my name because civil servant and members of this panel are not =
allowed to operate foreign account. Therefore we required your maximum =
assistance as foreign partner hence this contact.
We have decided to share the total fund thus:
(1) 50% for my foreign partner (you)
(2) 40% for me and members of the Panel
(3) 10% to be used in settling local and foreign Bills that may =
We have worked out excellent modalities to transfer this fund to our foreign =
partner (you), which meets all legal and those of international arbitration. =
We hope to unanimously conclude this transaction within seven (7) banking =
days as soon as I received your warm letter of acceptance.
We are waiting for your urgent reply please.
Your urgent reply will be highly appreciated please.Please direct your =
reply to my private email service princedungan@netexecutive.com =

Hon. Prince Dungan