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From: "Mr.Frankline Olu Eze" 
Reply-To: frank53e@yahoo.co.in
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Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2001 23:54:38 +0100
Subject: From Mr.Frank
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Dear Prospective Partner,

I am Mr. Frankline Olu Eze the auditor of United Bank for Africa Plc
(U.B.A). There is an account opened in this bank in 1980 and since 1990
nobody has operated on this account again. After going through some old
files in the records I discovered that if I do not remit this money out
urgently it would be forfeited for nothing.

The owner of this account is Mr. Hartley S. Newman a foreigner and the
manager of Granite Minning Nig, a chemical engineer by profession and
he died since 1990. No other person knows about this account or anything
concerning it, the account has no other beneficiary and my
investigation proves to me as well that his company does not know anything about
this account and the amount involved is (U.S. $25,000,000.00).

I want to transfer this money into a safe foreign account abroad but I
don't know any foreigner, I am only contacting you as a foreigner
because this money can not be approved to any local bank here but can only
be approved to any foreign account because the money is in U.S dollars
and the former owner of the account is Mr. Hartley S. Newman and he was
a foreigner too.

I will use my position and influence on other staffs to effect the
legal approvals and onward transfer of this money to your account with
appropriate clearance from foreign payment department, With assurance that
This money will intact pending my physical arrival in your country.

At the conclusion of this business, you will be given 30% out of the
total amount, 60% will be for me, while 10% will be for expenses, both
parties might have incurred during the process of this transaction. I
Look forward to your earliest reply through my private e-mail address:

Yours truly,

Mr. Frankline Olu Eze