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From: "Andy Winpoe" 
Subject: God Bless You
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Mr.Andy winpoe
johannesburg,South Africa


Kindly accept my apology for sending unsolicited mail
to you. Although we have never meet befor but I have
every reason to believe that you are a highly
respected personality, considering the fact that I
sourced your profile from a human resource profile
database on your country. Though, I do not know to
what extent you are familiar with events and fragile
political situation in Liberia but it has formed
consistent headlines in the CNN, BBC news bulletins,
My name is Mr.ANDY WINPOE from Liberia, a Country
in West Africa. My Uncle is MR JOHN Y. WINPOE, former
uncle was falsely accused of plotting to
from office. Without trial, Charles Taylor killed him.
You can verify this from any network in your country. You can also
check in some of the international newspapers posted
in the web sites below:


Before he was killed, my uncle instructed me to escape
with his family to a hide out in JOHANNESBOURG SOUTH
AFRICA, and he confined on me that he left some money
in a Diplomatic Trust Company in Abroad, (name
withheld for security reasons) he handed me over a certificate
meant for a secret Deposit, which he made in the
Security Company. If you may ask why do I need a
foreign assistance or why can't I take the cash
transfer and myself? The answer is that there was an
exclusion clause in the original agreement between the
company and my uncle which states unambiguously that
'nobody, not even himself, can have access to the consignment in
the company, and it has to be transferred to a
foreign beneficiary outside Africa. This was done
because he envisaged his arrest and this clause were
inserted to prevent any seizure or infiltration of the
fund. My decision to contact you is therefore, informed by
this and due to my present social status and total
ignorance of the business world. I believe you will
appreciate the enormity of trust I repose on you by
placing the fortunes of our family in your care. Permit me to
request that you should reassure me that you would not
let me down in any way. On my part, this is my
assurance and guarantee to you. In as much as you
follow my instructions carefully, religiously and
promptly my guarantee of a hitch-free success remains
unshakable. I have contacted the Diplomatic Security
Firm to confirm the deposit, which is worth
$21.5Million,(Twenty-One Million Five Hundred Thousand
United State Dollars Only) which I presumed my uncle
made from the purchase of arms and ammunitions for the Liberia

You will be given 20% of the total sum at the end of
the transaction. If you will be willing to assist us claim
the money and invest it in your country. I want to
assure you that all modalities are in place and it is
a risk free transaction. Kindly confirm in your reply
if you can come over to enable us conclude this transaction.
Kindly include your Private Telephone and Fax numbers
where you can always be reach, Your Residential or
Company Address to enable me send some other important
information across to you.This proposal is highly restricted
and should be handled as an urgent transaction requiring trust and
Confidentiality. Thanks while looking forward to hearing from you
urgently either by phone or email. but Phone and Fax is prefferable in
this transaction the E-mail address is provided above and below

Thank you.
Mr.Andy winpoe
For the Family.