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I am Mohammed Sule the elder son of Alhaji Usman Sule who was recently
killed in a land reformed dispute in Zimbabwe .
I got your contact as i was searching for a reliable person to handle a
very confidential business which involved the claiming and transfering
of fund into a foreign account for my safe keeping and investment.
My father as you can see in the history of zimbabwe was among the few
Zimbabwean opposition party rich farmers who were against President
Robert Mugabes land reformed policies against the white farmers in
Zimbabwe .
For his alleged support and symparthy for the Zimbabwean opposition
party controlled by the white minority farmers . Before the assasination
and brutal murder of my father , he was a successful farmer in support
of his white coleagues .
He has taken to South Africa and deposited the sum of ($45m) forty five million dollars in a security company before he was murdered for the
upbring of our family and onward investments.
This money was allocated for the purchase of new machinary and chemical
product for agro allied farms and for establishment of new farms in
Lesotho and Swaziland before my father used his position and divert the
fund to South Africa for his own personal use as he got the fore sight
of the looming danger.
Problem arose when Robert Mugabe introduced a new land act which
affected the rich white farmers and over three thousand people has loose
their life as a result of war veterans and even political opponents to
the president even heads of Governments from West, especially Britain
and United States has condemned Mugabes action on land reform act which
he introduced just to tarnish his oppositions mainly whites in Zimbabwe
Ever before my Father deposited this fund in the security Finance
company in South Africa, he called me as his elderly and most lovely son
and gave me the CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT and other documents which he used
to deposit the fund with the company in South Africa.
But seen the current danger as the South Africa Government was in
support to Mugabe , i applied for the despatch of the fund consignment
to its affliated branch in Dubai United Arab Emirate .
The good news is that it has been successfully arrived to Dubai with the
help of the Diplomats and now in diplomatic ware house in Dubai U.A.E
This fund was deposited as a family treasures even the diplomats did not
know the contents of the consignment.
I just write to solicit for your assistance to send me your postal
address and your direct telephone numbers so that it will be use for the
change of ownership to your name as my fathers beneficiary.
Be assured that every mordalities to insure the perfect release of this
fund to you as my fathers beneficiary has been assured, what i only want
from you is your genuine cooperation as i assure you of 100% risk free
in this transaction.
For your assistance i will offer you 20% of the total money, while 75%
will be for me and my family for our investment, and 5% will be for any
otstanding expenses which we may incure in the process of this
On the approval of your assistance, i will arrive Dubai.
I want you to get back to me with the requested datas so that we will
commence immediately.
Thanks as i wait for your urgent reply .
Mohammed Sule