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From: Fedinard Jatrovo 
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Subject: Business Relationship
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Mr. Fedinard Jovo Jatrovo

Badagary Island

Date : 10/09/04

Attention: Chairman/CEO,

Business Relationship


My name is Mr. Fedinard Jovo Jatrovo , the stepson of Mr.Newton Whit of Zimbabwe. It might be a surprise to you where I got your contact address; I got it from the net. Don be worried because I am contacting you in good faith.


During the current crisis against the farmers of Zimbabwe by the supporters of our President Robert Mugabe to claim all the white owned farms in our country, he ordered all the white farmers to surrender their farms to his party members and their followers.


My stepfather was one of the best farmers in the country and knowing that he did not support the President political ideology, the president supporters invaded my father's farm and burnt down everything, killed him and confiscated all his investments.


After the death of my stepfather, my mother and I with my younger sister decided to move out of Zimbabwe for the safety of our lives. We took along with us the money my step-father kept in the safe in my mother's house which amounted to the sum of US$20M (TWENTY MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS) and deposited it with a security company in Europe, this consignment was deposited by my family lawyer as personal valuables on behalf of my family for safekeeping.


Because of our present status (Political Refugees)I and my family relocated into an island called badagary island a boder between Cotonou republic and Nigera and we are seriously looking forward to having an overseas partner that will assist us with the convenient and legal transfer of the funds out of the security company If my proposition is considered, for assisting us to transfer this money to your country, we will offer you 20% of the total fund, and 5% of the total will be set aside to cover any expenses incurred during this transaction. 75% will be for my family to invest in your country

under your supervision.


I would appreciate confidentiality and honesty in our correspondence.

Your immediate response will be highly welcomed.


Best Regards,

MR.Fedinard Jovo Jatrovo

(for family)

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