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EMAIL: donaldtaylor@myway.com



Dear Friend,

Greetings, how are you, business and family. I hope all is well with you.My name is Donald Taylor, the son to President Charles Taylor of the Country Liberia. Please I humbly beg you from the bottom of my heart to treat this confidential letter very secret.

The rebel forces and the intense pressure from United States,International Community and West Africa Peace Keeping force? Ecomog? had finally toppled my father government and now he is on exile with our immediate family, but I am still behind. Please listen to me very carefully.Under my custody are boxes containing twenty five million united states dollars($25m) deposited in a security company which was meant to be used to purchase ammunition from Russia to flush out the sectional rebels during the war.

If the new governmet in place sees or discovers the fund they will take

the money and plunder it.I am urgently lookinging for a foreign partner, who could help us immediately claim and invest this funds, as the western world is demanding that my Father should be tried at the international war crime tribunal in HAGUES. And looking back to what is happening to PRESIDENT SLOBODAN MILOSEVIC OF YUGOSLAVIA, who has been facing charges in war crime tribunal in HAGUE over years,I am soliciting your assistance in taking over the ownership of the fund in your name and invest it on behalf of my family who shall be a partner (UNDER ANONMITY) in whatever business venture you intend investing, because of the hunt by international community to freeze my father's bank accounts and confiscate his assets all over the world.

Arrangement will be made to move the boxes containing this fund wth the services of Diplomatic Courier Service(tagged Diplomatic Luggage) to a reliable security company where you will be expected to clear the fund with the clearing documents which I will send to you,if you agree to assist us.All correspondence must be by the email address above and l must use this opportunity to implore you to exercise the utmost indulgence to keep this matter extra ordinarily confidential whatever your decision while await your prompt response. Because of the security being mounted on the members of my family,My family will use a private lawyer to handle the transaction . and note that this transaction should be kept in utmost secrecy, remember to include your private Tel/fax or mobile number for easy communication.

NOTE: If you are interested in this proposal ,pls reply me with my private e-mail address:donaldtaylor@myway.com

Thanks and god bless

your Best Regards,

Donald Taylor

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