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From: "Mrs. Nahil Almajeed" 
Reply-To: nahil_almajeed@hotmail.com
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 14:30:20 +0400
Subject: Urgent help
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Good day Sir/Madam,
I am Mrs. Nahil Almajeed,the wife of the former Iraq Cheif Defence Minister Mr Ali Hassan Almajeed under the past Government of Saddam Hussein,I presume you are aware of the political crisis in my country which affected my husband seriously,even more than the former head of Government,Saddam Hussein.Two months before the striking of Iraq by the Coalition Forces,my husband called me in his private room and adviced me to move to Syria with our children as he foresees the looming danger,he gave me bondles of huge amount of money for our feeding and renting appartment,including my children's school fees.He also gave me some documents partaining some money he deposited with a security finance company in the United Arab Emirates,Dubai,I have lost contact with my husband for more than 10 months now.My worries now is that I am very sick and have been admitted in a hospital for diabetes and high blood pressure and there is no money to pay the bills and my children have stopped schooling because there is no money to pay their school fees,the where about of my husband is still unknown to me after his arrest.No one knows weather he is still alive or not.
I have gone to Dubai to discuss with an attorney on the possibilities of investing this money in any area of business to enable us feed,pay the hospital bills,school fees of my children also.Therefore,I am soliciting for your co-operation and confidential assistance to claim the sum of {$32,000.00}Thirty two million us dollars from the security company and also front for me as the beneficiary owner of the fund,meant for investment purposes in your desired choice of business and location.My claiming this money alone would prove extremely difficult,if not impossible because of the bureaucratic nature of the western world.
To show my preparedness and appreciation to conduct this business with you,I shall give to you 25% of the total money and 5% commission on any profit that we might realise in the process of investing the funds,5% shall be set aside for any eventual cost that might occure in the process of this transaction.
Please I need your entire support and co-operation for the success of this business venture and also your utmost confidentiality.Be rest assured that this is absolutely safe with no risk involved,I do hope that my proposal is acceptable to you.You can reach me through the above email address.Thank you in anticipation while looking forward to hear from you soon.
Mrs. Nahil Almajeed.