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From ???@??? Sat Oct 02 01:54:08 2004
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From: princesshasihatu@tiscali.it
Subject: Compliments
To: princesshasihatu@yahoo.com.hk
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Dear ,

In my quest for a reliable , reputable and God fearing person, I got
your email through my retune search for a suitable preson that can help
me in my predicament. And I sincerely apologies for my contacting you in
form please bear with me. And accept my indecent introduction, it was
bore out of my despiration to get off my inadequcy to tackle my immediate=


As a matter of introduction, I am the only surviving daughter of late
Chief Ibrahim Sessey Cola, the paramount chief of Munsh District of Sierr=
Leone who was killed on 8th January 1999, by the trigger happy rebels.
Most unfortunately for me I came from a polygamous family, and a student
out of school because this problem. During my father's lifetime he was ac=
engaged in ILLEGAL MINING AND SALES OF DIAMOND, from wherehe made his
enormous wealth. Prior to my father's death, he left a WILL with his lawy=
was made available to us upon observation and conclusion of his burial.
as the only daughter most of his properties were willed to me, most
importantly is the sum of US$35M (thirty five million United States
dollars)which he deposited in a private security company in Europe which
is also among
my inheritance from my deceased father.

I obviously know that it might be very difficult for you to believe my
story but it is what is really happing to me now for upon introduction
of this WILL all my father's relatives have not been at peace with me, th=
were not happy how my father assigned all the enormous wealth to me. As
a poor girl, they have systematically and forcefully collected from me al=
documents of the properties 'willed' to me. Not including a huge amount
of money at ARE Bank of Sierra Leone which they could not withdrawn due
to a court
order restraining either party from making withdrawals pending the
determination of a Litigation filled by my father's relations challenging=

the WILL.

Now since I am too hard for them{ the relatives) to subdue, they were
making attempts to kill me so that nobody can stop them from carrying out=

their act, as they have succeeded in killing my mother last year. Infact
the fear and warning of killing me as well griped me so much that I could=

bear it anymore, hence ! I ran away from our family house to live with
a school mate of mine whose father is a military man,with advise of my
father*s lawyer to safeguard my life. Considering my age and inexperience=
business and investment procedures, please I want you to help me in retre=
fund which I will use to invest in a profitable venture in a country wher=
there is Economic and political stability and also further my studies.

And if I may ask.......

1 Is your country good for such investment???
Because I do not want to make mistake.

2 Can you help me???? without trying to double cross me?

If you assent to help me in this regard, we shall then discuss what I
will give you in return for your assistance. And before I disclose
anything, we will firstly have to sign a Memorandum of Understanding upon=

you shall contact the officials of the Security Company to take delivery
of the funds which I will use for further investment with your help or
with the help of another person pending what comes out between us.

Please put into consideration my incapabilities in some respect,
therefore I would prefer all correspondence to be through Email which is
more secret and confidential, as I can not use my school mate father's te=
avoid jeopardizing my staythere. Every document concerning these funds
is with me, upon request I will sent it to you if need be.
Should you not be willing to collaborate with me in this, please inform
me urgently to enable me look for another person. Or you email me on

Thanks in anticipation for your positive response.

Yours truly


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