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From: markdon@zipmail.com.br
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Dear Sir,

It's my pleasure to send you this proposal with hope
that you will treat it as highly confidential. A very
satisfactory information I received about your
esteemed profile gave me the courage to reveal this
top secret to you.

I am Barrister Donald Mark, a lawyer by profession
and a family attorney to an erswhile Military Governor
of one of the states in Nigeria. My client is among
seven others presently facing trial, charged with
corrupt enrichment while in office under the new
Anti-corruption Bill recently passed to law by the
National Assembly.

My client told me in strict confidence that he
deposited the sum of $45 million U.S. dollars
(Fourty Five Million U.S.dollars) with a security
company here in Nigeria, and that the money is kept
in two boxes each containing $22.5 million U.S.
dollars.(Twenty Two Million Five Hundred Thousand
U.S.dollars) He also told me that he is holding the
money on trust for one of the Ministers of late
President Laurent Kabila of Zaire who was assassinated
by one of his personal aids.

Due to the uprising following the assassination of
President Laurent Kabila of Zaire, the Minister in
question is persently under hiding in Nigeia for
fear of probes by the new administration.

Consequent upon this new anti-corruption bill, my
client is worried sick on how to remove these funds
from the security company before it is discovered
and seized.

After due consultation with the security company, we
were advised to liaise with a foreigner who will
represent us as the sole beneficiary in Europe where
the security company has their regional headquater,
It is on this reson that I am contacting you for an
assistance and to invest part of it in properties,
and the rest in triple AAA bank security.

My client and the Minister have agreed that the money
should be moved abroad for this purpose, and my client
has entrusted me with the task of getting a
trustworthy person overseas who could assist them to
claim the money from the securtity company overseas
where it will be transfered to, I am sending you
this proposal seeking your immediate assistance.

Arrangement has been concluded on how this money
will be moved to a security company abroad to enable
you claim it with relative ease for investment.

Following charges leveled against my client under
this new anti-corruption bill, the Federal Government
of Nigeria has embarked on the seizure of his assets
and frozen of his bank accounts both in Nigeria and
abroad, but has not discovered this money yet
because of the coded formation under which it was
deposited, hencc there is urgent need for this money
to be moved abroad before it is stumbled on and

My client is offering you 20% of the entire money for
your assitance, and another 5% of net operating profit
after tax on the investment if you are to manage the
investment on his behalf.

If you find this offer interesting, please get back
to me on this email address donmark_2005@fastermail.com as soon as possib=
for further information on the modus operandi for the trasaction.Include
your telephone and fax number while replying for easy communication.

Best regards,

Barrister Donald Mark.

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