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Hello Please,

With the best compliments of the year, I wish to solicit your help in migrating to your country and investing my funds.
I am a Sierra Leonean National and the wife of late Dr. SIMON SAMBU. Until his death, my husband was the General overseer of the Gold and Diamond Mining Corporation in Kanema Sierra Leone.
During the crisis the military forces loyal to the Government of AHMED TIJAN KABBAH invaded the Diamond and Gold mine and assassinated my husband,
mistaking him for his brother MR.MIKE SAMBU who is the deputy to the leader of the  Revolutionary United Front (RUF ) FODAY SANKOH. When the news reached me,
I hurriedly gathered some valuables in our family villa and escape!
d for my dear life in the company of my only son SILAS SAMBU and left some other valuables since I was in a haste and lost some. Among the valuables I collected was a file that contained details of a Deposit in a Vault my husband made in a security company in Europe.
He deposited US$8M (Eight Million U.S Dollars) contained in one box in the name of our son
SILAS SAMBU. He did not disclose the real contents of the  Box to the Security Company. He Declared the contents as Family Valuables for safety reasons. This is the money he made from the sale of Gold and diamonds during his time as the General overseer.
Now that we are in Accra,Ghana and verified the transaction, we need your assistance to move this funds out of the security company for investment in your country as we cannot invest here due to its nearness to our country and the insecurity still going on there. We ask you to scout for a viable and lucrative business, so that we can invest wisely. We have!
it in mind to give you 10% of the total sum of
(8 million US Dolla
rs), and 12% share for you in any investment we will embark upon with our share of 90% if you assist us. We will also set aside 5% of the funds for ancillary expenses which you will make in course of this transaction.
This fortune of ours we have revealed to you should remain CONFIDENTIAL as it is only you who we have told about it. Kindly indicate your interest and willingness to assist us on receipt of this message for us to clarify you on how to proceed.
Note that this transaction is risk free.
May the shelter and care of God be upon you as you assist us.
Remain blessed.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs.Mary Sambu

Do respond to me through the e-mail address below;






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