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From: "allied international bank" 
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Dear Sir,=0AI am Dr. Anita Aki, the director in charge of auditing and acco=
unting section of Allied International Bank of Nigeria PLC. With due respec=
t and regard. I got your contact from INTERNET SEARCH ENGINE in search for =
some one I will trust. I have decided to contact you on a business transact=
ion that will be very beneficial to both of us at the end of the transactio=
n. I have been monitoring a very huge sum of money belonging to one Mr. Mas=
ao Kawamura, who died on October 31st 1999 in a plane crash and the fund ha=
s been dormant in his account with our Bank without any claim of the fund i=
n our custody either from his family or relation before our discovery to th=
is development.=0AThe said amount was U.S $11.5M (Eleven Million Five Hundr=
ed Thousand United States dollars). As it may interest you to know, I got y=
our impressive information through the Internet. Meanwhile all the whole ar=
rangement to put claim over this fund as the bonafide next of kin to the de=
ceased, get the required approval and transfer this money to a foreign acco=
unt has been put in place and directives and needed information will be rel=
ayed to you as soon as you indicate your interest and willingness to assist=
us and also benefit your self to this great business opportunity.=0AIn fac=
t I could have done this deal alone but because of my position in this coun=
try as a civil servant (A Banker), we are not allowed to operate a foreign =
account and would eventually raise an eyebrow on my side during the time of=
transfer because I work in this bank. This is the actual reason why it wil=
l require a second party or fellow who will forward claims as the next of k=
in with affidavit of trust of oath to the Bank and also present a foreign a=
ccount where he will need the money to be re-transferred Into on his reques=
t as it may be after due verification and clarification by the corresponden=
t branch of the bank where the whole money will be remitted from to your ow=
n designation bank account.=0AI will not fail to inform you that this trans=
action is 100% risk free. On smooth conclusion of this transaction, you wil=
l be entitled to 30% of the total sum as gratification, while 5% will be se=
t aside to take care of expenses that may arise during the time of transfer=
and also telephone bills, while 65% will be for me and my partners here in=
our bank who know about the money.=0APlease, you have been advised to keep=
"top secret" as I am still in service and intend to retire from service af=
ter we conclude this deal with you. I will be monitoring the whole situatio=
n here in this bank until you confirm the money in your account and ask me =
to come down to your country for subsequent sharing of the fund according t=
o percentages previously indicated and further investment, either in your c=
ountry or any country you may even advice. All other necessary vital inform=
ation will be sent to you when I hear from you.=0AI look forward to receive=
your e-mail urgently, in other for us to start the transaction with out de=
lay.=0AYours faithfully,=0ADr. Anita Aki=0A =0A=0A=0AAllied International B=
ank of Nigeria PLC.=0A=0A