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[Strictly confidential]

I am Mr Mark Newman the operational manager in account
management section in charge of credit and foreign
bills of one of the prime banks here in South Africa.
I am writing in respect of a foreign customer of my
bank who perished on EGYPTIAN Boeing 737 PLANE CRASH
into the red sea with the whole passengers on board.

He opened an account in this bank and died without a
written or oral WILL attached to the account. Since
his death, I personally watched to see the next of kin
but all has proved abortive as no one has come to
claim his funds and no other person knows about this
account or anything concerning it. The account has no
other beneficiary and until his death he was the
manager of his company here in South Africa.

The amount involved is 48, 223,000.00 USD. [Forty
eight million, two hundred and twenty three thousand
United States Dollar]. We will start the first
transfer with $8,000,000.00[Eight million]. Upon
conclusion without any disappointment from your side,
we shall re-apply for the transfer of the remaining

treated with utmost secrecy and confidentiality.
Furthermore, your area of specialization or country of
origin is not a hindrance to the success of this
transaction. We are presently affected by the South
Africa Civil service code of conduct laws that
prohibits civil servants from operating private
foreign accounts.

I have discussed this issue with the Bank Manager who
I must involve for a smooth and successful transfer of
the fund to any account, which you will provide.
However, I want you to act as the next of kin to the
deceased by providing your bank account where the fund
will be transferred for immediate investment on any
viable project. The banking ethics here does not allow
such fund to stay more than 2 years without claim
hence the fund will be recalled to the government
treasury as unclaimed fund after this period of

I got your contact through my personal search to see
if you can assist by providing your safe bank account
for the transfer or find a reliable person capable of
receiving such amount in his or her personal account.
At the conclusion, 65% of the fund will be for me. 20%
for you, 10% for charity both in Africa and in your
country and the remaining 5% will be set aside for
expenses both parties might incurred during the
transfer process.

Kindly e-mail, fax or call me as soon as you receives
this email. You should also include your private fax
and phone numbers for easy communication.
Respectfully yours,

Mr Mark Newman
Tel: 874 - 76 - 3648313
874 -76 - 3648314
Fax: 874 - 76 - 3648315

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