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From ???@??? Wed Jan 26 02:36:19 2005
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Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 03:36:19 +0100
From: rouali20002@zipmail.com.br
Subject: Please assist Your response is needed
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If I must be fair to myself and to all, I would want to believe that this=

mail may keep you a little uneasy considering the fact that we do not kno=
each other but frankly, that's the primary reasons why I chose to contact=

you. I really am so sorry as I never meant to put you off-guard by what
I intend to tell you here and will appreciate it greatly if you do unders=
totally my situation and position egarding the subject matter that I am
divulging here.

The political situation in my country here, Cote d'Ivoire has indeed deal=
a great blow to me and my family. I have considered many options regardin=
my condition and resolved that I must forge ahead with my life if not for=

any other thing to fulfil my dreams and the good intentions
of my father who was murdered in cold blood by some group of rebel vagabo=
Their gruise was that my late father was suspected to be opposing their
political ambitions with his wealth hence he was marked and eventually el=
My late father was a very wealthy businessman and contractor and excelled=

in all his endeavours.

I was away at school in Ghana when I got the news of my father's assasina=
early last year and felt devastated as my father was everything to me. Th=
assailants capitalised on the rebel activities in my area Bouake to kill
my father as they claimed that he didn't want to join their
group and fight the government hence he would be killed. The governement
was handicapped
to do anything since the rebels controlled the town till now. When I came=

back, I was advised not to stay in the area since my father has been buri=
already. However, before now, I am aware of the fund ($17.5m)he deposited=

with a security company here in Cote d'Ivoire which he intended to transf=
overseas for investments which he did not achieve following his sudden

He made me the next of kin to the fund and had before now explained a who=
lot of things concerning the fund to me in the event that he is not able
to carry on with the project. I have tried severally since the sudden dea=
of my father to have access to the fund but was denied as according to th=
security company officials, the deposit agreement between the security
company and my late father, I should not be allowed to have a direct acc=
to the deposited consignment unless I am 25 years of age or I should have=

someone who is older than the
stipulated age to interced on my behalf with my consent.

This is why I am contacting you now to help me get the fund released and
transferred into your account in your country so that you could have me
come over to your country to complete my education while you take care of=

the investment of the fund. I shall be glad to get your
positive response so that I will proceed to giving you the bank contact
details to make the contacts and request for the release and transfer of
the fund to you. Please feel free to always reply to my alternative email=


Awaiting your response, I remain as always,

In His loving arms

Miss. Rose Ouali

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