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Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 19:00:37 GMT
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From: j_omo2005 
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ATTN: Sir/Madam
I know you would be surprised to receive this mail, but I
Would start by introducing my self I am MR JOHN OMO.A member of
Charles Taylor Government, the ousted president of Liberia,
My purpose of writing you this mail is to seek your assistance
In retrieving my funds which I lodge in the security company
In my country Liberia before the war started, the security
Company move every belongies in there position to there head office
In Europe for safety keeping because of the war. I managed to escape
Out of Liberia to African were I am now for asylum including my President
And some others members of our Government and l cannot retrieve
It myself because of my Status Right Now. Well I need your assistance
To clear this funds, if you are willing to assist me kindly notify me
Via this email address and I Will instruct you on the procedure that
Will enable us retrieve the Funds and we will also discuss your
Benefit for your assistance my Friend know that this assistance did not have
Any risk involved I have every prove and every documentation that
Will back the funds up.
Waiting to hear from you.
Best Regards.

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