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From ???@??? Tue Feb 15 04:14:24 2005
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From: charles ibe ibe 
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(table border=0 width=/100%/ cellpadding=/8/ cellpaddi
ng=/8/)(tr)(td bgcolor=/#ffffff/)(P)NIGERIAN
NIGERIA (BR)Attng;Mr. P.T. Ummer KOYA ,(/P)
(P) g; g; g; g; g; g;&nbs
e deliberation with my colleagues, I decided to forward this proposal.
We want a reliable person who could assist us to transfer the sum of Thi=
rty Million United States Dollars (US$30,000,000.00) into his/her
(P)This fund resulted from an over-invoced bill from contract awarded
by us under the budget allocation to my ministry and the bill was approv=
ed for payment by the concerned ministries. The contract has been execu
ted, commissioned and the contractor was paid the actual cost of the co
ntract. we are left with the balance of US$30,000,000.00 as par
t of the over-invoiced amount, which we have deliberately over estimate
d, for our own (/P)
(P)I am contacting you to be our custodian for this fund.(/P)
(P)1. 20% for you (Account Owner)(BR)2. 70% for us(BR)
3. 10% for Tax, as may required by our Government and yours.(/P
(P)As you may want to know and to make you less curious,I got your
address from adverts, in business directory that protrayed your establi
shment in good light. I am the Secretary of the Contract Awarding Commi
ttee (CAC)of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). This t
ransaction is very much free from all sorts of RISK and TROUBLE from my G=
overnment. We have been exercising patience for this opportunity for so
long and to most of us this is a life time opportunity we cannot affford=
to miss. To get this fund paid into your account, we have to present
a Payment Invoice from a foreign establishment like yours. With this i
nvoice, we will seek approval to transfer the fund within 14 banking da
ys through the APEX BANK to your designatd Bank Account.(/P)
(P)(BR)I and one of my colleague involved in this deal will come
to your country to arrange for our share upon the confirmation from you t=
hat the money has been credited into your nominated Bank Account. Conse
quently upon your acceptance of my proposal,kindly confirm your interes
t by revert mail to the above e/mail address It will surprise you why we =
choose you and trusted you for this transaction. Yes, we believe that
good friends can be discovered and business like this cannot be realized=
without trust. This is why we have decided to trust you for this trans
action. we are looking forward to doing this transaction with you.Be
further informed that everyone's interest and security had been conside
red before you were contacted. So be rest assured and feel free to go i
nto this transaction with us. But let honesty be our watch word through
out this transaction and your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.(
(P)Best regards,(/P)
(P) g;(/P)(/td)(/tr)(/table)(br)(br)(
span style=/font-family:monospace/)----------------------------
-------------------------------------------(/span)(br)(span sty
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