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Mr. Zhang Wenkang
44 Houhaibeiyan, Xicheng Qu,
Beijing China.

Dear Sir,

I am Zhang Wenkang an Executive Director Projects, of the MINISTRY OF
HEALTH CHINA. Through my search in the internet ,I got your email
address and after due verication with my colleagues,I decided to forward to
you this business proposal in anticipation that you may be in position
to assist/handle this business with me.

We want a reliable person, who could assist us in receiving funds
resulted from over invoiced bills from contracts awarded under the budget
allocation for MINISTRY OF HEALTH.These bills had been approved for
payment by the concernd ministry.The contracts had been
executed,commissioned and the contractors had been paid their actual contractual sums.What
we are about to receive now is a kick back from the contractors and
Under the protocol division as civil servants, we are forbiden to operate
or own foreign accounts,this is why am soliciting your assistance in
this manner.

On our part, all modalities had been worked out in ensuring a smooth
transaction .All I want from you is your mailing address and the name
that you want the cheques to be issued on. As soon as you indicate your
interest, further instructions will be passed on to you on the procedure
that we will follow in accomplishing this deal.

On accomplishment of this deal you will be entitled to 10% of the total
sum.Note,there will be no financial obligation required from you and
this transaction is 100% risk free.

If this proposal is accepted by you, kindly reach me immediately via
e-mail furnishing me with your full contact address and telephone

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

Mr. Zhang Wenkang

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