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To: jamesezeana@eresmas.com
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(table border=0 width=/100%/ cellpadding=/8/ cellpaddi
ng=/8/)(tr)(td bgcolor=/#ffffff/)(P)Good Day,
(P)l a, Civil Servant in the Ministry of(BR)Health. l know th
is proposal will come to you as a(BR)surprise because we have not met
before either(BR)physically or through correspondence. (/P)
(P)(BR)My father Chief Moore Ezeana (Now Late) was the Royal(BR
)Head of my community, ELEME (an oil rich town) in(BR)Nigeria.
My community produces 5.8% of the total crude(BR)oil production i
n Nigeria and 0.5% of the Dollar value(BR)of each barrel is paid
to my father as royalty by the(BR)Federal Government. My father was
also the Chairman of(BR)ISAMA Special Oil Trust Fund. In his posit
ion as the(BR)Royal head and Chairman of the Oil Trust Fund, he mad
e(BR)some money which he left for me as the only heir to(BR)inher
it.(BR)The money is Thirty Five Million, Five Hundred Thousand US
(BR)Dollars(US$35.5 This Money originated from the(BR)accumul
ated royalties between 1976-1998 . Due to poor(BR)banking system in
Nigeria and political instability as(BR)a result of past Military ru
les (1985-1999) , he(BR)deposited this Money in a Strong Room//VA
ULTS/ with an(BR)open beneficiary in a security company pending whe
n he(BR)would finish arrangement to transfer it abroad . He(BR)
was planning this when he died late last year of Heart(BR)Attack. P
lease Reply to: Just before my father died he called my attention to(
BR)the money and charged me to look for a foreigner who(BR)would as
sist me in the transfer/investment of the(BR)funds abroad. So l wou
ld be very grateful if you could(BR)accept to help me achieve this gr
eat objective. (BR)I promise to give you 20% of the total funds(
BR)transferred to your vital bank account as compensation(BR)for yo
ur assistance. Five percent (5%)has been set(BR)aside to take car
e of all expenses we may incure(BR)during the transaction. To indic
ate your interest,(BR)contact me urgently and confidentially for mo
re(BR)information and the roles you will play in this(BR)business
. (BR)All the legal Documents concerning this Money will be(BR)
sent to you as soon as we agreed together. Please I(BR)will appreci
ate that you send your telephone/fax(BR)numbers to enable me contact
you immediately. (BR)May the almighty God bless you. (BR)Your
s faithfully .(/P)
(P)Mr James Ezeana(/P)
(P) g;(/P)
(P)(BR) g;(/P)(/td)(/tr)(/table)(br)(
br)(span style=/font-family:monospace/)--------------------
span style=/font-family:verdanag;font-size:11pxg;/)Ya puede
s ganar con la bolsa sin arriesgar ni un c=E9ntimo. Nuevo deposito NARA
NJA bolsa garantizado de ING Direct(br)(a href=/http://banner
ea=ERESMAS.CORREO/aamsz=PIE=5FWEBMAIL/ target=/=5Fblank/)