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From: "Wilson Makella" 
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Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 15:50:21
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Wilson Makella
Nigeria National Orientation Agency
Federal Ministry of Information
Abuja, Nigeria.
Tel: 234 80 3759 6117


It is indeed my pleasure to write you this letter, which I believe will be a surprise to you as
we have never met before. I actually got your e-mail address while searching the internet
for a foreigner to handle this transaction.

I am Mr Wilson Makella, director, Civic Registration, Nigerian National Orientation Agency
(NNOA), Federal Ministry of Information, and a close associate of the immediate past
Minister of Finance, Mallam Adamu Ciroma.

Mallam Ciroma he has mandated me to transfer the sum of US$88 millions recovered from
over-invoiced contracts involved in the Nigerian National Identity Card project, into several
private offshore accounts. A total sum of US$73,700,000.00 has been transferred before
the untimely removal of Mallam Adamu Ciroma as a minister, leaving a balance of US$14,

Please do not disregard this mail and for avoidance of doubt you can verify the National
Identity Card project with the Nigerian High Commission in your country or you visit the
Internal Affairs website: http://www.nigeriabusinessinfo.com/id-card180203.htm as posted
by Nigerian business information in 2003 when the Identity Card project started. But do not
disclose my identity or the actual nature of this transaction as I am still a serving officer in
the ministry

I have made proper arrangement to transfer the balance. I am soliciting that you help me to
receive the fund in trust. I cannot complete this transaction without the participation of a
foreign partner who would provide an offshore account where the funds could be lodged,
as the Federal Legislature does not permit Government workers to operate offshore

The remittance of the funds requires little documentation that would be completed as soon
as you provide me with a secured bank account that you have absolute control over,
where you may wish to receive the money. There is no risk involved on your part in this
transaction since the Minister and I have covered this transaction with adequate contract
and external credit documents.

What we require from you by email are:

(i) Acceptance of this offer

(ii) Your company name/address, telephone/fax numbers and a bank account that
you have absolute control over where the funds would be lodged.

(iii) Convincing Honesty, Trustworthiness and Willingness to abide by the
requirements of this proposal paramount of which is CONFIDENTIALITY

I have agreed that you will retain 20% of the entire US$14, 300,000.00 for your effort in this
transaction, 80% for us partners here in Nigeria.

Please reply urgently by telephone or email, as I expect that the transaction will not take
more than seven working days. However, if you are not in any position to assist us, please
do not respond to this mail and we apologize for taking your time.

My warmest regards.

Wilson Makella