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Dear Sir,

We are sending this letter to you based on information gathered from the foreign trade office of the South Africa chambers of commerce & industry. We believe that you would be better position to help us in our bid to transfer the sum of thirty six million five hundred thousand United States Dollars (US$36.5M) into a foreign account.

We are members of the special committee for budget and planning of the ministry of minerals resources and mining. This committee is principally concerned with contract appraisals/approval of contracts in order of priorities as regards capital projects of the Republic
of South Africa, in our position we successfully secured for ourselves the sum of twenty five million us dollars (US$36M) only. This amount was acquired through undeclared windfall from sales of raw diamonds and precious stones.

What we need from you is to provide a safe account where the funds we be transferred since we are not permitted under the civil service code of the republic of South Africa to own or operate foreign accounts. It has been agreed that you the owner of the account we be compensated with seven point two million US Dollars (US$7.2M) being 20% while three point six million us dollars (US$3.6M) being 10% we be set aside to offset expenses and the payment of all the necessary and mandatory governmental taxes/levels involved. While
70% being Seventeen Million Five Hundred Thousand us dollars (US$36m) will be shared among my colleagues and myself.

Kindly indicate your interest by contacting me through my private email address mayaki_john@yahoo.com to enable us unfold the mode of operation to you. Be it known to you that all necessary machineries has being put in place for a smooth and hitch-free transfer of funds, and take note also that once started it will not take more than 10-14 working days to be concluded once you give us your absolute support and co-operation. Be rest assured that this mutual beneficial transaction is 100% risk free and safe, but the utmost priority of
all parties involved is confidentiality and secrecy because we are still in active government services.

All we do ask from you is heart of sincereness.

God be with you as we look forward to your immediate

Best Regards,

John Mayaki