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Dear Sir,

I am MRS. REGINA SAMUEL , the former manager of the
Central African Republic's former President Ange Felix
Patass=E9. I'm presently in house arrest here in Bangui
the state capital, after the military's putch. I found
your address in the commercial directory we have in
our Chamber of Commerce.

First of all, I'm very sorry for the way I get in
touch with you for such a matter. But because of poor
or un-reliable communication technology and the
confidentiality of this business, are the reasons that
prompted me to do so. I would like to have a
partnership with you, in order to invest a sum of
Thirty Five, Million USD(35,000,000 USD) in profitable
sectors in your country, as long as you are interested
in my offer.

I got this money from cash donations by foreign
contractors I've granted many contracts in my
department. As a close aide to the former President, I
couldn't use our banking system to transfer such an
amount without a trace. This could cause me a serious
problem . Even presently, the new President has
decided to freeze all the abroad banking accounts of
all those who were close to Mr. Patass=E9. We are placed
under security close watch while my travelling papers
are seized.

During my tenure in government, I used the government
decoy system to carry out this money abroad where know
one know about in packaged box. I will inform you as
soon as we progress for future claims due to the
instability in politics here presently. The security
holding company are not aware of the contents hence I
coded it as Gold Bar/Personal Effect.

So I'm now without any source of Income. The situation
above has lead me to ask for your co-operation for the
claiming out of the security holding company for
further safe-keeping of these funds, for solid and
reliable projects of investment. I respectfully
suggest a gift of 20% of this sum for your help and
your efforts. I mean USD $7.000,000 Million. I rely on
you as a respectful and honest person to take care of
this transaction with sincerity, confidence and

I've decided to look for a confidential co-operation
with you in this business, despite the fact that we've
never met. I hope you will keep this as a great
confidential business because of the nature of this
transaction. I will make sure you take possession of
the funds, by providing a process without

I would like to hear from you on receipt of this mail,
by showing me your good will and possibilities, so
that I can give you more details. This matter requires
a particular attention and an absolute confidentiality
from you.

I will be expecting your response to this mail,
whatever the decision you come up with, let me know
through this my email.

Yours Sincerely,