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Dear Sir,

I know that this mail will come to you as a surprise but I pray God you respond positively to it.
For the purpose of introduction, I am Hassan Abdul, A high school student here in Iraq,22 years of age and the only surviving son of Mustaphar Abdul(A big businessman in Iraq) who died on the 17th of December 2003 as a result of the trouble that was going on in my country between American forces and other militant groups who are loyalists to the former tyrant Iraqi leader(Saddam Hussein). As you can understand, I am from Iraq.
Before the death of my father, he told me about (US$57.5 million Dollars)he deposited with a security finance company in Dubai-U.A.E and he handed over the / CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT DOCUMENT/ to me.
At present,I am in search of a credible and capable personality who would assist transfer the money into his account for me to come over there and invest the fund as well as to complete my educations over there.
I got your contact details through email Data Base Directories so I decided to contact you to assist me claim the money as my age will raise an eyebrow over the fund.so you should not be worried because I am contacting you in good faith .
I confided your reliabilty and capability of handling this transaction for me.If my proposition is considered by you worthy of you assisting me to transfer this money safely to your account , we shall offer you 20% of the total fund deposited in the company and 5% will be set aside for all the expenses you incured during the transaction and 75% will be for my family investments in your country under your supervision.
Moreover,I and my little sister is now living in the school compound and me and my sister is been survived by people's aid and Americans/United nations humanitarian services.
So please help us, I don't even have money and If I have, I would have run away with my sister from this country long ago,it's very
frustrating here in Iraq insecurity and hunger is everywhere and people are dying like animals on daily bases,whereas we have millions of Dollars in a secuity firm,we are here suffering, so please help us.
As soon as you claim this fund,find away to remove me and my sister
from Iraq so that we can continue our education.
Finally for more detailed infromations, you can contact me directly through this personal email address.I will appreciate your confidentiality and honesty in our correspondence and meanwhile your immediate positive response will be highly welcomed as every document and informations backing this transaction as regards to the claiming of the fund will be forwarded to you .
Please help us as me and my little sister have never travelled out from Iraq and again we do not know anybody in the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES who can assist me so help us claim this money.