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Dear Friend ,
My name is COLE MUGUDA I am an attorney by
profession.I am from Zimbabwe.
I represent the family of Mr Fredrick Smith, a white
farmer who was murdered recently by agents of the
incumbent President of zimbabwe,President Robert
Mugabe.I have been Mr Smith's attorney for the past
twelve years.
He was born and bred in zimbabwe.His parents
lived,died and were buried in Zimbabwe.Before his
brutal murder,he was a successfull farmer and a rich
man by any standard.He inherited the farm lands from
his late parents.He had been fighting the cause of the
white farmers in Zimbabwe before his death.He was also
a strong member of the opposition party.The government
claimed he was murdered by hoodlums.But we know he was
killed by government agents.This assertion is not only
predicated on the events that preceeded the murder but
also that after the murder.On several occasions before
his death,the government agents had swooped on his
house,ransacked it and harrassed members of his
family,claiming they were looking for arms(which were
never found there).Immediately after he was killed,the
government security agents went to his house and made
away with several of his documents and thereafter
caused his bank accounts and that of hie wife to be
frozen.The government also confisticated his farm land
on the trump up allegation that it was being used to
stockpile arm and ammunition.This of course is a
blattant lie.Nothing of such was found in the farm.
As his attorney for many years,i came to his defense
to put the record straight.This turned out to be my
greatest undoing as this signaled the beginning of my
travails.I was accussed of working with him to
destabilised the government.I was bundled into jail
for over a year until i was released recently.
The governent agents have since been on my tail.My
movement is restricted.I am not allowed to leave the
country.Roughly a year before his death Mr Smith
confided in me that from the way the political and
economic climate was in Zimbabwe,that it would be wise
for him to enlarge his business coaste by investing
overseas.It was his intention to invest in real
estate(properties).I was to handle it on his
behalf.Consequently as his trusted friend and
attorney,he instructed me to help him move out of the
country the sum of USD15Million Overseas from the
prying eye of the government agents,preparatory to the
commencement of the investment.This i did.But he never
lived to see the actualisation of his dream as he was
hewed down by agents of the government.The money is
presently with a Finance/security firm oversea.This
was over two year ago. I would like to mentioned here
that Mr Smith left behind an invalid wife,three
children-ages 16,14 and 8.The last born has a blood
condition.The survival of this family now depends on
me.I am ready to spill the last drop of my blood to
make sure that they do not suffer.He was like a
brother to me.
I am therefore looking for an honest individual or
corporate body who is willing to help claim this money
on my behalf from the Finance/security house Overseas
and invest it on behalf of the family. Should you be
interested in this transaction,please let me know in
your response to me by
furnishing me with your full names, address,tel and
fax number.
I shall call you on phone for further discussion when
i receive the requested information.I shall also
furnish you with details of the proceedure/modalities
for the prosecution of the transaction thereafter.
Note that you will be adequately remunerated for your
assistance.This shall be discussed and agreed upon
before the commencement of the transaction.
I look forward to your prompt response.

My regards.

Mr COLE Muguda