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From ???@??? Thu Apr 28 18:18:43 2005
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Subject: Request for your assist.
To: partnerme@apollo.lv
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Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 20:18:43 +0300
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FROM: Mr. George Derek.
Business consultants and Estate Agents.
Cotonou, Republic of Benin

Dear friend,

I hope this mail will not be a big surprise to you, please
handle it with all your sincerity and top most
consideration. I am a retired business consultant and
investment adviser in West African sub-region. One of my
clients, Mrs Roseline Ajovi Tomkara who lost her husband
Mr. Albert Tomkara, an industrialist and Gold merchant in
political crises. She is interested in investing multi
Million dollars in your country especially on the areas of
hotel and agriculture.

Mrs Tomkara is very sick and would want to do this
investment for her only son. She needs someone who is both
capable and reliable with experience in international
business investment to act as her foreign partner/ adviser
in investing this funds. An investment agreement will be
drawn to be endorsed by both parties. Kindly send all your
company activities for our immediate attention.

The total amount to be invested is Twelve million, six
hundred thousand American dollars ($12,600,000.00) in cash
presently secured by her late husband with a private
security company here in Benin. On receipt of your
response via email, Please call me on my phone number and
will quickly open up communication on how to transfer the
funds to you. Do send your response to

Sincere regards