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From: "mr husaini hamza" 
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>From Mr.Husaini Hamza,
Head Audit Department,
Continental Bank,
Cotounu, Benin Republic.
TEL: 00229 28 30 63

Attention: please,

Good day and God bless you. It is with deep sence of commitment, faith an=
trust that I make this confidential risk free business proposal to you
for your assistance. I am deeply sorry if I have in any manner disturbed
your privacy.

I am Mr.Husaini Hamza the head of the Audit Department of Continental
Bank in Cotounu Benin Republic. Recently, I discovered a domant account
with a huge amount of money which amounted to USD15.500,154.22 (fifteen
million, five hundred thousand, one hundred and fifty four dollars, twen=
two cents) that belongs to one of our numerouse customers MR.PIERE JOHNS=
from Germany who happened to die in a ghastly motor accident few years ag=
During the period of my investigation I discovered that the deceased left=

no will and nobody behind to come for the claim of this fund as his next
of kin. Since then I have made several inquiries to see if I can locate
any of the deceased relatives but all efforts have proved unsuccessful.

Therefore, I decided to contact you to assist me put up claim to this fun=
with this bank as the deceased next of kin for the claim of the fund. I
want to also bring to your notice that as the Head of the Audit Departmen=
of this bank that this fund will be paid to you directly into your accoun=
from our affiliate bank in Madrid Spain which is the CITY BANK ON LINE bu=
we have to obtain the approval from our bank here which is the Continenta=
Bank of Benin and after the approval has been obtained, they will instruc=
our affiliate bank in Madrid Spain to effect the transfer of the fund int=
your account. Be also informed that I have with me all the necessory info=
of the deceased which will help us claim the fund successfuly.

Your positive response to this proposal will be highly appreciated and I
will futher give you the details of how you shall present the claim from
this bank. Feel free to call me on my private number (229) 28 30 63 for
any question you may wish to ask me.

Anticipating your urgent reply.

Mr.Husaini Hamza.
Please reply to:mrhusaini_hamza@yahoo.fr